Start your blog in 2017 – I’ll coach you!

Have you ever thought of starting a blog? Then I’ve got great news – I’m ready to help you as your personal blog coach, to start a successful blog in just four weeks!

Enough of wondering and pondering! Writing requires discipline, and not just inspiration. How long will you read other blogs and dream of writing one? You have your whole story flowing in your mind, but you just can’t seem to get it out on ink. You think you don’t have the time, but you have to make time to write.

Why write?
You don’t write because you are good with words. You write because you have a story to share with the world. And every person’s life experience is unique. When I asked author of “I Will Survive,” Sunil Robert, in a television interview, what made his story a best-seller, he simply said, “There are many out there who have better stories than mine. I’m just the one who actually wrote it!”

What if a gifted swimmer never got exposed to a swimming pool? That’s a line from TD Jakes’ book, Destiny. And I say, what if a writer never got exposed to a blog? Personally, I have grown so much as a writer from when I started my blog. With every blog post, I just got better – in storytelling, in language and grammar, and in proofreading and editing, in writing different kinds of articles, and the list goes on.

Why blog?

A blog is easier to start and helps you get disciplined in your writing than directly starting off a book. There are exceptions, though. I personally feel, blogging is a must-habit for budding writers and influencers.

Here are some reasons why blogging is great platform for influencers:

  • Your blog is like your weekly magazine online. You develop a writing discipline, (finally).
  • Quick feedback and comments motivate and help you write better.
  • You reach the world. My blog has readers across 80 plus nations. Something never thought possible 10 years ago.
  • A writer with a successful blog grabs a publisher’s attention better than one without (exception, not the rule). Having a loyal fan base is a plus.
  • A personal sense of satisfaction. Nothing beats the fulfilment when I click ‘publish’ and go to sleep.
  • You leave a legacy. Nothing speaks legacy like writing. (I always imagine my great grandchildren reading my blog)
  • If you’ve always wanted to influence people around the world, blogging is the one of the best platforms available. You reach globally in an instant.

Who should blog?
Anyone who wants to make a difference and leave a legacy.

  • You could be a retired person with so much wisdom to offer the younger generation.
  • Or a CEO in the corporate world who could help people find their peace in the rat race;
  • a housewife with amazing cleaning and organizing tips;
  • a widower who can empathize and help others going through loss or divorce;
  • a fashion junkie who can’t stop giving free unabashed fashion advice;
  • a poet piling up journals at home which are trash-forbidden;
  • or simply a person who loves to share his story with the world. (You can even share your mistakes 🙂
  • Or a good writer who needs the discipline of writing;
  • Or an existing blogger who wants to continue blogging successfully!
  • If you are a mass-communication student, then this is your time and season. I wish I had the platform of blogging in my mass-com years. Blogging is a great tool to practice your writing and journalistic skills. It could even serve as a great link on that resume!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

I started my blog in 2012 by simply sharing my life experiences – right from when I was single, to dating, pre-marriage fun, wedding, marriage life, pregnancy and now as a mother. Besides, I have more than 10 years of experience as a content writer and editor. I worked as a journalist, television director and producer, marketing manager, editor, both in print and electronic media.

I have designed an interactive course, “Start your blog in 4 weeks.”
As your PERSONAL BLOG COACH, I will help you start the successful blog that you’ve always dreamed of.

This is what the course will help you achieve in just 4 weeks:


Many of you just need to find your voice, your style and your story. Deciding what to share is the first step, and here’s where I step in. I will help you figure that out, if you enroll in. I will NOT send you a bunch of ‘find-how’ articles. I’m going to personally talk and chat with you, and guide you through the process. If you already know what to share, I am going to help you develop a content plan and we can get started right away.


Telling your story is as important as finding it. The way you tell it makes all the difference. I will coach you on some the most basic techniques you need as a writer, to tell your story in the most effective way possible.


Have you ever read a story written in SMS-language, full of punctuation and grammar errors, and actually thought it could be fake? One of the main reasons we feel newspapers and reputed magazines offer authentic content is the error-free writing. I am going to make sure your writing is error-free!

As an editor, I will polish, proof-read, fact-check, and edit your articles, and make them look professional and publish-ready. I love to make your story look good. Together, we will churn out professional blog posts along with pictures, which are ready to be published. Remember, unless you write as a professional, no one takes you seriously.


This is where we pick headlines, write slugs and blurbs, pick a theme for your blog, select images and layout, and actually make it look good. Please note that “we” are going to do this. I will guide you through the process. I am not going to do it for you. When it comes to platforms, I recommend WordPress, and I could help you find your way around it. Basically, I do not want to do what Google or WordPress has already done, in terms of tutorials on how to work the back-end of the blog.

I recommend WordPress, but you are free to choose your platforms.

So here’s what you will accomplish at the end of the course:

Create a good content plan: This is the key to ‘staying’ in the game … keeping the blog interesting enough for people to come back. A content plan keeps you on track, and has a strategy that spreads out your best written posts across a definite posting schedule.

Free Content Plan & Schedule download. Yup, I’m sending you my own plan, plus a template for you to create yours!

Create 8 publish-ready blog posts: For starters, you could post twice a week; so this will give you content for one whole month. Essentially, we are creating a bank of your most interesting content! (Note: This is subject to you being able to submit your posts on time.)

Free e-book on Writing and Editing Guidelines: Every publishing house has a style guide, a manual on grammar and language, that is thoroughly followed for every single word in the publication. With my expertise in Associated Press Style Guide, I’ll give you some basic guidelines that work for any post and this will serve as your referral guide for all your posts, going forward.

Course Fee
If you don’t invest in yourself, no one else will invest in you. I totally believe that we should be willing to invest in our dreams. I have invested a lot of money in being trained at the best college for mass communication, working in the most reputed publishing houses, and in attending many publishing courses through the years. I personally invest in improving my craft every year!

I’m charging an upfront fee of Rs 12,000 or $180 ($177, I rounded it up), for the four-week course. My editor friends tell me the fee is way too less for what I am offering in return, but I really am passionate about helping you meet your writing goals.

Note: I am your personal blogging coach and you will be interacting with me on a one-on-one basis, and this is NOT a group training course. You would be receiving training videos but there are no group-learning sessions. You get to interact and learn from me one-on-one!

Imagine waking up to the satisfaction of fulfilling your dream and inspiring others with your own story, in 2017!! You will be amazed at the difference you make in people’s lives, by this one step of faith. So, book your seat today.

Student Discount: Rs 10,000
My Email-Subscribers’ Discounted Price: Rs 11,500

Limited Seats Available: No, this is not a marketing gimmick to get you to sign up. I am taking only 5 enrolments per month, because I want to give every learner the best of my time and ability. As I said earlier, I’m personally coaching you, and will be involved in every step of the way, until you click ‘Publish’ and go Live!

How many hours per week?

  • My training sessions are 4 hours per week. (4 hrs)
  • 2 Skype calls per week; duration is a minimum of 20-30 min each week. (2 hrs)
  • Writing Assignments: 6 hours per week. (6 hours)
  • Total: 11-12 hours a week.
  • Note: There are several hours I would be spending on editing your content too, which is not mentioned above.
    Some of you might write quicker, so the assignments could take you fewer hours, while others might take more time. What I’ve put down for Writing Assignments is just an average estimated time for a beginner.
  • Course starts Feb. 6, 2017.
  • Note: I will NOT be doing the web admin work for you. If you need help in the back-end work of the blog on WordPress, that would be charged separately.

How to sign up

  • Simply email me at to confirm your seat.
  • As soon as you email me, I’ll send you the next step. Once the payment is made, we begin chatting first!

Just do it

So, take advantage of what I’m offering and don’t delay further. No matter where you are in life right now, how old or how young, it is always a good time to fulfill your dream and your calling. Once you know what you are called to do, that empowers you to give yourself into it, without worrying about what people will say or how risky it might appear.

I can tell you this, beloved, there is no greater joy in knowing that right now, I’m exactly where I am supposed to be, doing what God called me to do.

Whatever your calling, blogging is a platform to make your unique voice heard – whether it is to make people laugh, inspire them, share travel stories, or just share your life … the world awaits to hear your story.

I’m waiting to hear from you. And I am truly very excited to get you started on your destiny!

Your could-be Personal Blogging Coach,
Shruthi Joy



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