Day 2: Massage, Supper and Memories – Mark’s first letter to me …

On the fifth anniversary of my engagement, this is such a heart-warming post to read. You really write for yourself, but hardly realize it. Just reading that letter from Mark brought tears to my eyes.
And while I’m at it, I think I must get a glorious massage sponsored again 🙂
The special people mentioned in this post, are to this day, my closest and most trusted friends – Preethi, Elvis and Veena.

Just Joy

I went for a relaxing massage at Paris De Salon, thanks to my dear friend Elvis who sponsored it, and to my dearest bridesmaids Veena and Preethima who drove me back and forth for it.

A chinky girl, cute and small, with accent I could barely understand, did a terrific job. I got a dry and with-olive-oil massage for 90 minutes, out of which the last 20 min was for steam and shower. Since she was small, at one point, cos of the pressure, I wondered if she was walking over me and I turned and looked, and thankfully, she was walking over my body with her hands. Small she was, but powerful. She massaged at the exact pressure points, and I don’t know why it hurt me so much at the calf muscles.

I was wondering why I could not have that calm-sweet-smile expression on my face, during the massage…

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