Are you ready for a time-travel-miracle?

Time travel always fascinates me. The movie Interstellar explored that concept to the fullest, wrecking havoc with our brains as we watched people solve problems across time and space, travelling from the future into the present – how truly fascinating to the finite physical mind, a reality we have resigned to the movies.
Reality? Yes I just said “reality.” Shelved in the fiction category, we never think it can happen in the physical. But it surely happens in the spiritual, which can manifest in the physical.
Let me cut through the chase and get to the point. Or let Mary, the mother of Jesus do it, at the wedding at Cana when the wine ran out. (I’m sure Jesus performed such feats at home or how else would Mary know – me just thinks)
Jesus clearly tells Mary, “Woman, what does this have to do with me? My hour has not yet come.” His mother said to the servants, “Do whatever he tells you.” (John 2:4,5)
It looks like God’s timing is not now, according to what Jesus said. He even called her “woman” which means he was quite firm in what he said. She could have pushed it under the “in-His-time-rug”, but no, she had faith to appropriate the miracle right now. In what seems to be a total disobedient act (to the legalistic mind), she does the opposite, or like I’d say she turned a “Jonah” on Jesus – went in the bang opposite direction! And guess what – God honoured it!
Mary’s amazing faith just made a withdrawal from the future into the now! Faith can time-travel. It’s the time machine we’ve been looking for, that accelerates us right into the future miracle.
How do I step into acceleration?
 1. Unless you’re sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit, you cannot recognise the seasons and times He is breathing upon. The Pharisees could not recognise the season of favor when Jesus walked on the earth, healing people everywhere. They were so stuck up in their religious heads, they thought it “unlawful” to heal – to do good on the Sabbath.
2. Knowing what is yours also is key to appropriate your blessings. You need to know without the shadow of a doubt that Jesus wants you to be in good health, to prosper in every way, including your emotional well-being. (3 John:2)
The woman with the issue of blood made a withdrawal of healing because she was confident Jesus wanted to heal everyone. She knew healing was hers and Jesus was willing.
I feel this month of December is a time for acceleration. God kept putting that word in my mind whole of last week. What you’re waiting for to happen later will happen sooner. Nothing hits home like the water into wine miracle.
That is a time-travel miracle for me. Not just because it happened in the “not-my-hour” time, but also it defied time in the very essence of the miracle: it takes time to make wine out of water. It’s not your freshly mixed juice in the grinder. What could take weeks or a year (for choicest wine) to make was prepared in an instant.
Defying time.
Beloved, what have you been waiting for this whole year, and year after year, thinking it will happen in God’s time (which is often our excuse to be passive in faith) ? If you are hungry enough to see it manifest, release your faith today, and receive your miracle today.
Whether it is your marriage, healing, a financial breakthrough, a job or promotion … step into this season of acceleration. I feel the Spirit of God breathe upon and accelerate for you, hasten and quicken the blessing you’ve been waiting for. Time to travel: trust, sit back and release faith by declaring out loud – this is my time for acceleration.

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