27 Weeks: How did that big baby fit in me?

Figures differ, but apparently, my baby is now 14 inches long, from finger to foot! This is what the Baby Center App informed me – give and take a few inches here and there, still, even 10 inches is long enough. How in the world is that baby that tall curling up inside of me?

The baby is fully formed now, and should I deliver it, it can survive if given good support for the lungs. So now, the only thing left for the baby to do it just grow, get some fat and look all cute. Meanwhile, my rib cage hurts, and sitting and typing this out is really not that comfortable!

I was staring at my belly today, my navel is turning inside out and looking like an eye – kinda creepy when I look in the mirror. I keep holding my abdomen and wondering – is it that tall? How did it fit in? And I heard it’s gonna get bigger now!!!

Somehow, the ‘how’ doesn’t seem to matter. It is awesome enough to know I’m carrying a growing baby in my womb. So fascinating, I don’t want to lose the wonder of it.

Then why do we often ask God ‘how’ to things we can just sit back, and enjoy the wonder. God knows how to fit things in, He is a master at that. He fit the creator of the world into the womb of a teenager!

I would often wonder – how is it possible that He would actually ‘fit’ the Holy Spirit in us? How can I contain Him?

Holy Spirit Pentecost painting, from discerninghearts.com

He is the one who made the Word flesh, who hovered over creation, bringing to fulfillment ‘let there be’ and it was. He is the one through whom Adam found life when God breathed into him. He is the one who overpowered Mary and humbled the Son of God into her womb. He is the one who resurrected Christ from the dead. We are talking about the Spirit of God here. He is the breath that brought life to us and the whole earth. He is the wind whose path we do not know. He is the one who gave us new birth and made us ‘born again’ – literally, making us, just like the Father, and transforming us completely into His divine nature, and ‘made’ us sons through regeneration of our spirit. The Holy Spirit is the one who made me like Jesus, the moment I was born again.

How can He fit in and how can I be the temple the eternal Spirit dwells in?

Oh it is the glory of God to tabernacle heaven inside the body of His sons (you and me), to come and make his dwelling with man, in man; it is His glory to graft me in Christ, and Christ in me; and He did not release a little of the Spirit, or just 80 per cent, but the fullness of the Spirit lives in me, right now!

I don’t want to lose the wonder by asking how, but all I know is this … if a full-grown human baby can live inside my womb, if a single zygote can multiply into thousands of cells and form a living human being, if a new heart is formed by just cells beating randomly and rhythmically without anyone guiding them, if a baby breathing water can ‘live’ inside a bag of amniotic fluid, if a brand new life support system called ‘placenta’ can be created and placed to nourish the baby, if the eyes of the baby can move from the side of the ears to the front, if all my organs can move around to make space for a a basket-ball sized womb, if all the muscles contract and release in unison like an orchestra to push the baby out without harming it … then God knows how to make things fit into existence!

He knows how to fit in a larger-than-life dream inside my heart, a nation inside my womb, an idea that can grow into a multi-million-dollar business, a small seed that can grow into a magnanimous tree – He knows how to fit in a miracle, the size of a seed, into the womb of my imagination.

What overwhelms me is not just his greatness and ability in doing so, but His choice: The precious, all-powerful, uncontainable Holy Spirit chooses to live in me. Selah …

I’m absolutely in awe of Him. I want to bask in just knowing that the Spirit of the Living God lives inside of me, and heaven is not out there, but in me, and when He is in me, the supernatural is in me, and ‘impossible’ has no room to stay!

I’m suddenly aware of His magnificent presence living in me – He is the Grand Designer, the Perfect-Tailor, and the Master-Fitter!

Question: Was there anything that amazed you during your pregnancy that you like to share? Use the comment box below. I would love to hear your experiences.

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