God longs for an encounter with that one person

There are these special moments in ministry when you touch the heart of God, and it causes you to just stop …  selah.

Last month, as we were packing up, I was just walking around talking to people, when I happened to join a conversation I did not intend to. As I sat there listening to this guy share his radical opinions, I could just look at the pain in his heart and I felt the heart of God just gravitate towards him, and that’s it – for the next one hour, everything was de-focussed, and this one young person was totally in focus. I felt like no one else was in the room but me and him, and the Holy Spirit.

Beaten up by religion, hurt by religious leaders, this talented man just needed to hear that God loves him and He doesn’t want him to ‘get good’ and then come to Him. He said he felt comforted at the end of the conversation. It was intense, as I unwrapped the heart of God for him, and I just knew that the Spirit was touching him in ways I might never know.

All the efforts we made to put this meeting together – media team setting up hours earlier, worship team practicing during the week, volunteers doing their bit, dinner arrangements, – everything, it was as if, we did it for an audience of one – for this one man, to have a personal encounter with Jesus, and it was all worth it.

Encounter timeline

Heaven has always been after the one, after the one sheep that lost its way, while 99 others seemed to have been on track; that one son who went away, while his elder brother served with pride.

Another similar incident … I went to preach in a small church. During the ministry time, I prophesied over this one lady about her calling – that she would have a ministry of empowering women. After the service, she met me with tears in her eyes, saying, “I was feeling so useless for years now, wondering if there is a call on my life at all. I got busy bringing up my children, who are now grown up, and I kept feeling like such a waste … until you stopped and prophesied over me, declaring my calling …”

A woman who felt utterly useless, goes home feeling significant because she had a personal encounter with God.

In order to be at this service at 8:30 am, I had to train myself for one whole week, to wake up and stay awake, due to my pregnancy. Again, it was all worth it, just for this one person.

God is in the business of touching lives, one person at a time.

  • Philip was teleported to Samaria for that one eunuch to encounter God.
  • Jesus appeared on the road to Damascus, to encounter that one Saul.
  • Jesus goes to Samaria for that one woman at the well.
  • Samuel is sent to the house of Jesse, for that one man, David. 

God is not interested in a crowd. He longs to have a personal encounter with that
one person – YOU.

(It is with this vision that we renamed our ministry, Encounter. Join us as we celebrate two glorious years of God encountering people, heaven meeting earth, one person at a time.)

Event Link: Join us for Encounter Anniversary

Overboard July 2015

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