21 Weeks: My baby can hear my voice!

Ah, I’ve officially become “Pee-ku!” Running to the loo to pee more often, slight lower back pain but annoying left-side rib pain, feeling heavy in the abdomen, not too comfortable watching movies 😦 and most annoying is losing sleep and trying to get it back after repeated visits to the loo! Looks like now the pregnancy is kicking in, with my bulge obviously seen and felt, and my pelvis and ribs trying to adjust to accommodate the baby, causing me pain in the bargain.

Yes, it is getting to me. And just when I was going to let it get to me hard, I happen to see the baby in the scan, and go .. ‘awww … I don’t mind this.’ We women, and our sentiments!

But why the discomfort and the nagging little pains – rib or lower back? Because my body is stretching to make way for growth. My body is actually being an excellent partner in supporting growth and is having to adjust much, just so that there is enough place for the new member to grow. Amazing! I think every muscle in my body is immersed in this process, while I seem distant, with my complaining, as I try to adjust to this new sense of discomfort.

Discomfort might actually be progress in disguise. If I’ve been too comfortable with life, and allowed complacency to set it, chances are I’m not consumed with a dream or a vision. For if I had one, I will perceive that God is doing a new thing, and I need to stretch to accommodate it, and if that causes discomfort, then I welcome it, because now I know for sure I’m moving forward towards realizing the dream. My increasing discomfort is actually a sign that every day, I’m moving closer to birthing my dream. I need to celebrate!

Just when I was processing these thoughts, I read something that made me leap. Apparently, now, my baby can hear my voice clearly than before, and she/he can even learn to recognize specific voices, which will help in bonding later after the birth. My friend Tejas would talk to the baby in his wife Christine’s womb almost every day, and right after birth, when the baby was crying, he stepped in and asked her to calm down. The family says that the baby actually looked like she knew that voice from before, and actually, almost instantly calmed down. He was like, “she knew it was me, she recognized me!”

Jesus said that my sheep hear my voice, I know them and they follow me (John 10:27)! Wow! The first instinct as a new born-again believer is to hear and recognize the voice of the Father. In the Old Testament we hear of few people learning to hear and recognize God’s voice, while others seemed dependent on these prophets to hear His voice. The good news in the New Covenant is that God sent His own Spirit to live in us, so we will know Him directly!

The moment you received Christ, you received the Holy Spirit, in full measure, not 80% but in FULL. And He pours out the love of God in our hearts, through which we cry out Abba Father!hear his voice Explaining the new covenant in Hebrews 8:11, it says, “None of them shall teach his neighbor, and none his brother, saying, ‘Know the Lord,’ for all shall know Me, from the least of them to the greatest of them.” The word “know” here comes from a Greek word,  ginṓskō – which means – properly, to know, especially through personal experience (first-hand acquaintance).

How precious is this! Beloved, you can hear your Father’s voice, and know him personally, and follow Him directly. You don’t need signs, wonders and open doors to ‘lead’ you – you just need His voice. Doors, signs, and wonders can be used for confirming what’s already been spoken, but not for leading.

What a privilege it is. While the whole world is hungry for the voice of God, you can personally hear Him, and follow Him. Are you familiar with His voice? Not His voice coming from a preacher’s mouth, or a prophet’s declaration, but coming directly and personally to you!

The ability to hear His voice is a natural instinct for you as a believer, just like it is for my baby to hear my voice. You just need to believe this like a child 🙂 “I am His child, and I CAN hear His voice.” Don’t let contrary thoughts fool you. If the devil can keep one thing away from you, it is the voice of God. He will send in a million voices to drown out that one powerful voice, because His voice is His spoken Word, the worlds were created through the spoken word of God! And now you have access to that powerful voice! When He speaks, He creates.

Start believing today that you “can” hear his voice naturally because you are His child. Don’t believe the lie that God is angry and doesn’t want to speak to you. He is always longing to speak to His children. Me, being a human, long to actually speak to my baby – how much more a God full of love, who IS LOVE, and has called us to be his sons! From His side, it is yes, He is willing to talk to you every day.

I’m enjoying my mornings like never before. I made it a habit to hear him in the mornings. And whenever I don’t wake up, I actually miss His voice, and suddenly wake up, because I heard him yesterday, and it so filled me, and I am hungry again for more!

Incline your ear, and come to me; hear, that your soul may live! (Isaiah 55:3)

Pay attention, come close now, listen carefully to my life-giving, life-nourishing words.
I’m making a lasting covenant commitment with you,
the same that I made with David: sure, solid, enduring love. (Isaiah 55:3 The Message)

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