Week 10-11: It’s all supernatural!

As I write this, my baby has grown over 5 times from week 6 to week 11, and has completed a very important phase in its development – My  baby went from an embryo to a full-blown fetus in week 10-11.pregnancy-11-weeks

The placenta has taken over as the life support system from the yoke sac, and is now supplying food which is travelling through the umbilical chord through the fetal arteries. It is acting like a filter and siphoning off waste and sending it back to my blood stream.

Every part of my body is fully focused on creating a safe world for my baby to live and grow in. The nervous system of the baby started to develop, and from now on, until 9 months, it will generate 2.5 million neurons every minute! As I enter my 11th week (sorry for not writing in the 10th), all the organs of my baby have been developed. Simply awesome!
I’ve been having abdominal pains now and then  due to stretching of the ligaments and muscles of the pelvis. I was and still am urinating often because of my increased blood volume, also the reason why I feel warmer, and unable to sit out in the non-AC hall.
Thanks to technology, we are able to read and even see videos of what’s happening inside the womb. Our elders never had that pleasure. Many women don’t even feel they are “pregnant” in the first trimester since they don’t feel anything moving inside, and the bulge is not even conspicuous.  But so much happened! It is nothing but supernatural.
Just like how we plant a seed in the soil, and we don’t keep digging it up to see what happens – we don’t even know what happens, but we water it and expose it to sunlight, hoping and being sure that a tiny shoot of the plant will slowly rise to the surface, and sure enough it does.
Just like how a life-containing sperm entered an egg cell out of the millions of swimmers, and formed a cell, which today is a fetus – totally supernaturally-natural. I could not see anything, but that does not negate the supernatural process.
The unique genetic code received from Mark and me has already predetermined the baby’s looks and character the day the egg was fertilized (so forget about making me drink milk with saffron to have white babies – uggh!)
It is totally supernatural! The only thing I am doing, in my effort, is cooperating with this supernatural process in my body, and simply responding to stimuli. I’m not creating the baby, I’m only nurturing through a pre-determined process I have no control over – I did not make the heart beat, I did not help in multiplication of cells, I did not make the organs of the baby develop, I have no idea how the glassy eyes are protected without eyelids right now, I am not responsible for the creating of the nervous system – I am simply feeding the baby by feeding myself. I am only partnering in the naturally-supernatural process.
If God has birthed a dream in your spirit, the only way to see it come to pass – or bring it to delivery – is a supernatural process. He gave conception, He will give growth and He will give delivery! Your job is to partner with Him.
“Shall I bring to the point of birth and not give delivery?” says the LORD. “Or shall I who gives delivery shut the womb?” says your God. (Isaiah 66:9)
Your job is to partner with Him in this supernatural process. You are a partner, but you are not the creator, so the stress of ‘making it happen’ is not yours.
Just like our new birth is entirely supernatural, everything there on, is also a supernatural process. That’s why the God’s Word is compared to a seed, to a life-giving-sperm-seed. You only sow it, and nurture it, and growth is automatic. You are the branch, you just receive from the vine – the supply is abundant, because Jesus is the vine. Your only effort is to receive from Him, continually, and you will automatically bear fruit.
But if you think you have to perform to see growth, you got it wrong. You simply have to abide in the vine! The moment you were born again, your spirit was transformed to be just like Jesus – in His image and likeness- you carry his genetic code in you – you inherit his character and nature. God did not put half of Himself, but the fullness of the Holy Spirit (Rom 8:11), fully, dwells in your born-again spirit right now. It is a totally supernatural process. You are a new creation, not a replication or duplication – a new “creation” – your spirit was created brand new (2 Cor 5:17)!
The only way you manifest what you are in your spirit, is by renewing your mind. Transformation in a believer’s life happens only through renewing of the mind (Rom 12:2). *
Just like how I am partnering in the supernatural process of birth, so should we partner with God in his supernatural work in us through His Holy Spirit. But can you believe that the Holy Spirit is already working in you? If you believe, then begin partnering with Him, and receive all that he has for you.
What would happen if we focused just on partnering with God, instead of struggling and striving to make things happen? What would happen if everything in you, what you do, where you go, how you spend your time – is all centered around one thing – partnering with God for supernatural transformation?
So what should I do? Sow the word, and let it grow naturally. I started doing that couple of years ago – single focus – every day I was spending time in receiving from God through His word and the Spirit. Today, my entire schedule is centered around my time with God. I plan my entire day according to my time with papa-God. The first thing I long to do is be with Him – every other activity is planned around it, and not the other way around.
The best way to distract a man with a vision is give him two (someone said this, can’t recall who)! If you can just pick one thing, and focus on it – you will see results like crazy! I see so many talented, gifted believers, who are going nowhere because they lack focus. They don’t have that ‘one thing that I do’ and do it without distractions. They have ten things to do, and no wonder they see no fruit in their lives and end up frustrated.
Beloved, if you can focus on one thing – receiving from God, every day, you will see supernatural results, because it is supernatural process. You can ‘fake’ it happen but you can’t make it happen!
If you have a calling on your life, don’t stress yourself out on how to fulfill it and what to do, and whom to partner with – whom to make friends with – how to build your network – and all that corporate mantras. Allow the Holy Spirit to do His work in you – be faithful to nurturing that baby, that dream, that vision. It might seem very small and insignificant. May be nobody even knows about it, and you’re not even on social media. But just because you can’t see it and it is small, doesn’t mean it is not growing (just like my baby!).
Just feast on His Word and presence, and be faithful in small beginnings. For you, it might look like a small business, a small idea, a small dream, but it carries the inherent power to become big – again, a naturally-supernatural process.
Compare your dream to this little fetus, and just feed it – like how it is just receiving from me; you need to receive from God continuously. Is there any other way my baby can be nurtured, other than receiving from me? Is there any other way my baby can grow in the womb other than receiving from me? There is no other way to feed your dream other than receiving from Jesus!
Believe, today, that He is working out plans for you in the womb. You cannot see it – but He is moving, every day, something is happening in the spiritual realm, the heavenly armies are busy working in the Body of Christ, to help her fulfill her destiny – God is creating connections, preparing people to help you at different seasons, creating appetite in you for the right things, cutting off support systems you won’t need (yoke sac to placenta), birthing new ideas in your heart to cope with the new season, moving you from one significant stage in life to another (embryo to fetus) – He is working in you!
Just partner with him, because He sure does a better job than you. So let Him do his work, you partner with Him – simply believe, receive, and sit back and watch the supernatural unfold!

* Read/Watch Andrew Wommack’s teaching series: ‘Spirit, Soul and Body’ to learn exactly what happened at new birth. A must-read).

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