Week 9: New Cravings – Are You Listening?

The heights of reverse in cravings was this: I detest chai now! And that’s unbelievable! All my tea-friends might want to disown me – one already threatened me. I could never start my day without a cup of tea nor enjoy the sunset without chai and biscuit. And now, don’t even bring that near me!

I heard preggies tell me and read about how cravings would change, but I did not expect it to be this drastic. Even after I lost the craving, I still tried. I thought, may be, it’s the hot weather, but I didn’t know that even the temperature in my body is different now, and I feel so hot all the time.

The other day I was having chapati, and the old-non-preggie-me wanted to dip it in tea and see if I still delight the taste. So I dipped, twice, and kept waiting for the same delightful emotion to surface, but NO! I went and threw the tea in the sink. Aversions!

That was the BIG change, for a tea-lover. My other aversions also surprise me –  I don’t relish rice and dal anymore. Man, this has been my staple since my birth! Big no to milk and all its products. Even curds is not going well with me, unless it is khatta – like the South Indian curd rice you get at tiffins.For a person with a sweet tooth, I have developed new tooth. No sweets please – I can handle grapes, but no chocolate bars! That’s another big shift in tastes. I used to crave for chocolate and that’s my flavor, in all seasons.  Mark often buys me Cadbury’s Dairy Milk to see me smile. I tried dark chocolate, and that doesn’t feel great too.

Now, Mark as a child, and even now, hates curds, and milk products – so everyone says it is Sunny inside of you!

I love mutton (though not supposed to have it much, since it causes constipation), and hate chicken 😦

Recently, I had bad indigestion, since my new-found craving for chat made me order Alu Toast, and that messed up my whole stomach. I actually felt my stomach was pissed with that food – ha ha. So I was with mom for a few days, and was home-food-arrested till I got better.

Mom’s South Indian Curd Rice

I am just overwhelmed at how my mom tried out different combinations of foods, to see what I might like and relish. She made that typical South Indian curd rice, and I loved it, when had after a short meal. I got puri with green peas chutney, bun and aloo-like wada-pav, mina-pappu – the only dal I relished, upma with a tangy tomato flavor, and my dad flocked the fridge with grapes, musk melon, apples, pomegranate, and of course dry fruits.

And I don’t know how she keeps the clock – but by the time I wake up, I have enough choices to last me for my every-two-hour-meals till she returns in the evening. Amazing! I have new cravings and she is dutifully and happily helping me discover my cravings and even feed them!

This is a new journey in my life, a new season (as we Christians call it 😉 ), and I am naturally having new desires which would help me in my new season. Initially it irritated me because I am still discovering my cravings, and now I have to make arrangements to satisfy my new cravings. Irked me till I realised how good this change is. Infact, there is no other way that could have made it better.

What if I had to cut down rice, eat short meals, delete tea and coffee from my diet, and do all these without actually having the desire to do it ? It would be just like old times, when I wanted to lose weight, but had all the desires for the wrong foods, and I had to force myself to crave for healthy foods. Eventually, your body gets adjusted, but it is still forced, unless you passionately love to drop some kilos, which I, frankly, was not! Imagine how hard it is to change lifestyle habits without a change in inmost desires.

Now, this makes it so easy for me! It is a natural change, and it is so supernatural. I am also responding to physical stimulus of my body and actually, listening for what it wants, a kind of IMG_5106sensitivity I never had before. If I’m hungry, I have to wake up no matter how deep the sleep is, the hunger is deeper and it just wakes me up like no one or nothing in my life has ever succeed in waking me up!

Doctors do not have a definite answer for this but many theories say the crave is the body’s way of asking for what it needs. When deficient in calcium, it craves for ice cream; when lacking in sodium, it wants pickle, and so on.

I wonder what would happen if we learned to listen keenly to the instinctive desires of our heart? What if we pursued our desires, instead of snubbing them as some dreamy-wishes? What if we realized that our desires can actually direct us to what we were instinctively wired to do?

My friend Aparna Das, is a mass communication graduate and worked most of her life in that cold world of client servicing. Well, that’s what she majored in, so it only makes sense to pursue an advertising career. Few years later, when she got away from the corporate life, in the quiet of Sydney, with her husband and daughter, she discovered a new passion: silver-smithing. Looks like she needed that quiet – just to hear her heart beat.

She was going through a rough patch, thanks to the Lehmann Brothers crash in 2008, she suffered several rejections at jobs, and bordering on clinical depression, she “serendipitously discovered silversmithing in Sydney Art School.” In order to fund more of her classes, she opened a small silver business, and that’s how Nine By Thirty was born. Today, she is a successful, well-known, international silver businesswoman! She even featured alongside Nandita Das, Kalki Koechlin and others in  ‘Meet the Extraordinaire’ series by safty.com! (http://sayfty.com/aparna-das-sadhukhan/)

Whenever you follow your desires, you actually lead yourself to the path of your calling. For many Christians, we have been taught to deny ‘ourself’ in an entirely negative way, so much so, we are scared of our own desires and always doubting – is this desire from God or me? Is this God’s will or not?

Well, if you are in a relationship with God, and have given your heart to Him, could it not be that He put that desire in your heart, and literally gave you the desires of your heart. No one knows better than your Maker what you were called to do, so He put in desires in your heart, like a compass, to lead you to your destiny.

And, I’m telling you beloved, you follow your calling, and you will find people who will feed your new cravings! Just like how my mom knew how to exactly cater to my new cravings, God has placed people in your life and even those whom you don’t know to actually satiate the hunger in our hearts.

I remember once in my life, when I was done, just doing about everything – from adzaps, drama, singing, campus ministry, dancing, and occasional preaching to helping out in church events with almost all my talents. I reached a point where I stopped. ‘I am not being fruitful. I want to do or at least start walking on the path of my calling.’ I had a newfound desire to know about the grace of God – His unmerited favor and too-good-to-be-true goodness. My heart was craving to know more about this goodness, which I seemed to miss out all my life. And sure enough, I found spiritual parents – Pastor Zack – fed me by sharing revelations of grace with me – exactly fulfilling my cravings. He knew just how to give, how much to give, when to give – just perfect, without spoon feeding!

Since he was far away, I also was fed by teachings from Andrew Wommack. Literally, for a year, I just ate! Stopped all my other activities. Just delved into this revelation of grace, and kept imagining myself communicating this good news to the world.

Almost a year later, I started two ministries. The moment I started it, I found other people having similar cravings rush to my meetings, and they got fed!

Many of you have been carrying world-changing ideas in your heart, and doing nothing about them but snubbing them in your life clutter. The new cravings in your heart, if you listen, are trying to push you towards your new season. It does not matter if you are losing interest in doing some very important activities that you used to do; let the old cravings go. Feed these new cravings. They inturn feed your new baby – your new business idea, your book, your movie … your purpose, your calling!

He who has ears, let him hear – hear his own heartbeat.

The Sydney Art School was always there to feed Aparna’s desire to make her own designer silver jewelry. She noticed only when she bothered to hear her heart crave for it, in the midst of depressing conditions.

Zack and Andrew have been preaching for many years. I just stumbled upon their teachings, because I wanted to fulfill my new cravings. When you give in to your deepest desire, it often makes way, by itself, to its feeders. Just like how my body is sending me signals on what to eat, your heart will send you signals on where you should invest your time, and where you should not. That’s how the Holy Spirit speaks to you – through your inmost being.

Beloved, can you hear your heart crave for something very strongly? Are you experiencing new cravings and new aversions too? Do you have a baby that needs to be nurtured and well-fed?

New season, new cravings – new calling! Are you listening?


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