And the miracle of birth begins!

Never missed a period all my life. So either I got too fat, or I’m pregnant, so I thought. Waited, waited, for 4 days. Called my sister. She asked me to wait for 7 days and directly do the home pregnancy test. I even told Mom I was suspecting this.

3 more days to go. 

Did some high intensity dance at home to ‘Tere liye signal’ from ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’ and was panting like crazy. Man, I got so fat! (The thought of pregnancy didn’t even occur. Thank God for keeping the baby safe through  my Bollywood moves.)

Next day, we went to a movie, and I was feeling so lazy, and funny. This time I wondered if these were the preggie symptoms.

Finally the D-Day came, and here’s what I felt before taking the test: ‘What if it is negative?’ and I felt bad at that thought. Somewhere I knew, I liked the other thought better, and felt as if I was prepared for it. My heart said yes, and I just had to get it confirmed.

Mark got me the Prega News with that bahu on the box, staring at me with a fake smile, while I was gonna pee on it! I was asked to wait 2 min, but the pink lines were in a hurry, and within seconds gave the verdict. We both saw it together, and smiled! I am indeed pregnant. ‘Woman, I am with child!’ I said to me.

We were excited, because we did not plan for it at all, so it had to be God. Left to us, we would have delayed another year. But God had been dealing with me regarding my view on children, and as time passed, I kept telling myself, children are a gift, and I’m going to enjoy it/them – no matter what this rat-race-driven, highly-ambitious-career-women-driven-society tells me … My life is going to take a wonderful turn and I’m gonna be super happy about it.

I’m 8 weeks pregnant, as I write this. The reason I didn’t write before is not because I gave into superstitious beliefs of not informing people before 3 months, because I have high chances of miscarriage in the first trimester, I was told. I had terrible shoulder pain, and could not risk typing on the laptop. Otherwise, if you know me, I’m the last one to feed on fears.

Breaking the News: Informing the grandparents!

First we broke the news to our in-laws, but here’s how we did it. Mark called for a meeting and said he wanted to discuss an important career change. And while we were sitting there, I was so impressed with his story-telling skills, I actually thought – ‘not bad, he might actually tell my kids some stories.’ He said, “I got a very lucrative offer from a company in Chennai, and we both have to move for a year or so.” That was it. Everyone was quiet first, then the questions began. Within minutes, all the queries were answered – he even gave a company name! I was super impressed.

Then a second round of silence followed, and this time, it was sadness. We are a closely-knit family, so they all felt bad about us leaving. And then Mark broke the news, “OK, please listen. This is not the news. The real news is: you are going to become grandparents!”

For the next few minutes, I only heard screams of joy!!!! And they all stormed at me, hugging me, kissing me, yelling “Wooowww, yayyyyy, wohoooo, ahhhhhhhhh!!!!” My father-in-law hugged me and had tears in his eyes. My sister-in-law ran towards me and almost jumped on me – I think she gave the loudest scream of joy!!

I could not contain the excitement, and had to tell my mom. On our way to meet them itself I called her, and she guessed “Is it positive?” Now she was surprisingly quiet and I was wondering why. She calls me back in like 5 min, and yells out laaaaawwwwdddd – yayyyyyy- congrats! Apparently, the first time I called, she had students and teachers sitting at her desk and she was in a meeting, and to control her joy! Even my dad was super excited! Said he was praying for for many months now, every day. Looked like those prayers worked.

Finding the baby – what on earth is happening inside of me?

I had to know, so I downloaded National Geographic’s “In the Womb.” What a video! Since I was only interested in the first month, I kept rewinding and looking at the wonderful things that are happening inside of me. Mind boggling. And totally supernatural.

Finding a doctor

I was so anxious to meet a doctor, to confirm the pregnancy and just hear from a medic how I need to take care of myself. This is when you wonder whom to call, who won’t be such a big mouth breaking the news to your closest friends and family before you do. Bingo! Rebecca David, my neighbor. She gave me a couple of options and that really helped.

Took an appointment with Fernandez at Jubilee Hills. Went there, all enthusiastic, and well, waited and waited for a first consultation (and all said Amen!). One junior doctor took all my details, and the senior, bobbed-haircut woman walked in. She shared absolutely no excitement with me, I felt like another number there. Asked some questions. She hardly answered – said something like – no activity and food restriction from my side, and there ended her interest in me. Then she suddenly lit up because she was ‘educating’ me about the various scans and researches I can be part of, but will have to sign a consent form. I wrote her off right then. This woman is not going to be my doctor! I don’t care how many laurels the hospital won, she has not won my heart!

Finally, one of my friends who has been to BirthPlace gave me a good report so I went there the next day with Mark. Loved the place, very clean and hygienic. Friendly staff. iPad-driven admin. No paper forms. Looked neat.

Within minutes, we were called in and I was a bit surprised. So soon!

She was a sweet doctor. She herself wrote down all my details and history, and then gave me loads of advice on what I can expect to happen in the first trimester. She even told me that I was overweight, so needed to eat every 1.5-2 hours, which would also help in reducing nausea, and gave us a lot of important information which we were longing to hear.

Wrote a couple of blood tests. They call me back next day and tell me my tests are normal, and sent me an email with the test results. Nice!

Second Doctor Visit

This was better than the first. We had an antenatal scan scheduled at 12, and an appointment at 12:30 pm. We went in, did our scan and finished our doctor appointment and were out by 12:45!

My first baby scan

Now, movies overdo it for you, but it was truly a precious moment. I did not cry like Rachel in Friends, but it was surely very very precious. At BirthPlace, they project the images on an LCD placed opposite your bed, so it makes it easier for your spouse and you to look at it. Funny how the assistant lady there was feeling shy, for me, so to speak. Mark is sitting right next to me, and she is drawing the curtain on him, as she puts the lotion on my abdomen. I’m like – move woman, we are not least bit shy. I was not shy to make the baby, will I be shy to show my abdomen to my husband now??!!! Come on, give me a break.

We both held hands, and the doctor showed us something that looked like a small tiny seed in a little sac – in  that tinyness, was a tiny heart, beating. That one moment brought me so much joy. We were so excited after that. Nothing could steal my joy that day!

Connecting with  other preggies

We told our close friends, and slowly the news spread. Suddenly, you have new friends – moms – who are so excited for you, and you’re unable to understand why; and are so lavish with advice, you just have to listen! I guess I might become like that once I get my baby out. But I did enjoy the attention of lots of mothers, as they called me and spoke to me, although all speak, more or less, the same things:

Waaawwww! Congrats! So happy for you! Did you tell your parents?

How did your husband react? Is he okay with the news?

What!!!!!! It was not planned!!! Oh no! How come? Ah … don’t worry, it will be okay.

Tell me what you crave for, and I will cook it and get it for you. (nobody takes up this amazing offer)

Who is your doctor? I went to ……………………………………………………….

What are your in-laws saying? Do you have to stay with them or are you going to mom’s?

Make sure you eat nuts – lots of them!

You can get away with murder also, so enjoy the 9 months!

Mark and Me

Initially I felt nothing much, but as weeks passed by, I was feeling very tired, and want to rest all the time. Mark is such a darling – he is ready to get me anything or cook me anything I feel like eating, and for the life of me – I sometimes don’t even know what I want to eat! But seriously, I am just honored to have him as my husband. He has turned his whole schedule upside down, to suit me and to be around as much as possible for me. He’s very cute – he wants to beat my parents at this game of taking care of me 🙂

How God prepared me spiritually

This is the WOW factor for me in this entire journey. Since Nov-Dec., 2014, the Holy Spirit was awakening me to a new season. The words ‘cross-over’ and ‘new season’ kept recurring, and I wondered which crossover he was talking about in the Bible. During one of our Worship Nights (evenings actually) at home, he put in Joshua 3 on my heart, and I saw it clearly – crossing over Jordan. I saw a group of people, including my team, jumping and stepping into the waters – I saw feet getting wet. Then I recalled how Jordan always signified crucial transitions in ministry: Elijah handing the mantle to Elisha at Jordan river, Joshua generation stepping into promised land in Jordan, and Jesus baptized in Jordan river. The first two saw the river part. But when Jesus stepped into Jordan, heavens parted, and the Holy Spirit descended on him as a dove, and the Father spoke from heaven.

Right then, another friend of ours saw a vision of people in the wet sand and their footprints- and was wondering why is God showing him wet feet. As soon as he said that, I leaped up and told him the whole story, since I could now piece the puzzle. Joshua was clearly commanded that – when the feet of the priests touch the water, then the miracle in Jordan will start and the people were to follow the Ark carried by the priests. “When the priests who are carrying the Ark touch the water with their feet, the river will stop flowing as though held back by a dam, and will pile up as though against an invisible wall!” (Joshua 3:13-14)

In January, during our 12 days of fasting with ZCIM, Ps. Zack emailed a devotional article that talked about the same thing: waters won’t part till the feet get wet! He explained how crossing the Red Sea was different from crossing the Jordan river. “It really took no faith on their part for the Red Sea to be parted and we never see Moses asking for it specifically either. God in His mercy did all these great acts for them so they would get a fresh revelation of who He was and His great love for them.” 
But in the New Covenant, signified by Joshua, he needed us to partner with Him, and put our faith in His goodness – without faith, the waters won’t part. He also reminded us that Entering into Canaan was nothing but fulfilling our destinies here on this earth.

So, right from December, I kept prophesying to myself and to the people in our meetings that God is taking us into a new season, and it is going to be completely different from the old. It says in Joshua 3:2 – “When you see the priests carrying the Ark of God, follow them. You have never before been where we are going now, so they will guide you.” That means we have not crossed this way before. It is going to brand new, and the only familiar person there is Jesus, just the presence of God. I remember wondering what the new season is. For sure, it is new even for our ministry and God birthed a new vision and new name for our ministry, Overboard.

Everything is changing!

But I never realized that God was preparing me also for a brand new season – truly, I have never been here before. I have not been pregnant before. I am entering into a completely new season, personally too! Everything is changing, and change is not always easy.

Right on the third day of discovering about my pregnancy, I cried because everything is changing, and later laughed because I cried, thanks to Mark! My body is changing. Every part of my body is getting ready to feed a new life, to nourish a new dream, to enter a new season. I have that crampy feeling in my abdomen, I feel tired oh so often, and I am not able to eat anything and everything.

My cravings have changed! I am lover and loyal fan of tea. I still tried to force it down my throat because I can never start a day without my cup of chai, but hey that’s changing. I had to let it go. I don’t like dal and rice anymore. I am detesting sweets! My desires are changing. I am being prepared body, mind and soul, for a new season.

Beloved, if God wants you to step into a new season, you’re gonna get some new desires and make some new connections, which would not have existed before. Don’t resist the very change that is preparing you for the next season in your life – be it in your personal life, or business, career, or ministry. There is a definite shift in the spirit realm, and I can see the Holy Spirit breathe on people who want to step in and fulfill their destiny.

You can’t step into the new, with the old. Be encouraged today. God is already preparing you for the new season – those pains you are feeling are probably the pains of moving forward and birthing something entirely new. That frustration you are facing is just thrusting you towards your destiny. 

You pregnant with an idea or a dream? Let your dream be conceived in your heart. And let the supernatural process of birth take over!

Step in, it’s a new season, and you have new strength and new anointing coming your way!


  1. Hi Joy, Preenitha ( I worked with you in CBN), Congratulations and God be with you and bless you in this new journey and phase of life. I was so encouraged by this article. We need faith to step into the waters, feet need to get wet and then we can see the waters part! Thanks for writing this and blessing me with this thought. Take care and God Bless you, your family.

  2. Hey Preenitha, of course I remember you. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. I’m so thrilled that it blessed you. And thanks for the wishes 🙂

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