Being Destiny-Minded!

woman-running-track-mainJerusalem did not consider her destiny; therefore her collapse was awesome.  (Lam 1:9)

What does the devil strive to steal from you the most? He cannot steal your salvation, because Jesus secured an eternal redemption for you (Heb 9:12), and the Holy Spirit guarantees your salvation (Eph 1:14). Unless you yourself renounce Jesus as your Savior, there’s no way you’re losing eternity with Jesus!

Obviously, there is nothing he can steal from you once you get to heaven! But if there is one thing he can steal here on this earth, it is your destiny. Satan loves a defeated believer, and he will do anything to keep you from your destiny, because if you start pressing forward towards it, you get extremely focused, start influencing the world, and it gets harder to knock you down. It’s like trying to distract an athlete who is running towards the finish line! Chances are he will knock you down if you are in his way!

Imagine a believer who has no vision he is pressing towards – he is practically going nowhere, making no impact on society, being a couch potato Christian who even chooses his favorite couch every Sunday at church. Feed me, entertain me, and make me feel good, and if I like the two-hour program I just watched, I might tip you a little in the offering. (If you succeed in not putting me to sleep, you might get more.)

Whether you are single or married, the greatest and consistent joy and fulfillment comes in knowing that right now, I am where God wants me to be, and I’m doing what He called me to do. But society teaches us that marriage or that high-paying job, or settling abroad – is the ultimate thing that will bring us fulfillment. We will achieve a sense of fulfillment when we get “there” and that leaves us totally useless when we are “here.”

So where do you start? 
“My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me”- John 10:27.

His voice is the primary ‘leading’ force in my life. Hearing God’s voice in the now is what will propel you towards your destiny. Abraham knew his destiny by the spoken word of God – His voice declared that he would be a father of nations! Even now, we live by the ‘Rhema’ word –the ‘now’ spoken word, when the Holy Spirit delivers a message to the heart – what he is ‘saying’ to us, not what he has ‘said.’ We live on every word that proceeds from his mouth – Proceeds, present tense!

God told Abraham to sacrifice Isaac. When he drew out his knife, God spoke again, and directed him NOT to – a totally opposite instruction. What if Abraham was stuck on what God said instead of what He was saying, right now! He would have lost his son, and never understood the redemption plan of God sending His son to die so we won’t have to sacrifice ours!

I was totally in that state of dissatisfaction few years ago. I realized that I wanted to go somewhere but I wasn’t going anywhere, except getting washed away in the flood of too many activities. There is a difference when you are lead, and when you are getting washed away, assuming that everything thrown your way is God’s will.

I was so vexed that I took a day out to seek God’s will for my life, thinking I will get the whole picture at once! And I got nothing for half of the day! Then as I prayed, I felt God asking me – what was the last thing I told you to do? Start from there! That last thing was to set my heart to hear from Him.

I set my heart on hearing His voice, daily, which thrust me into a life filled with adventure and mystery – And less than two years later, God led me to start my ministry. (By the way, when I made the decision to find out his will, I was single, and by the time I started my ministry, I was married. Marriage happened on the way!)

It all starts with His voice! As you fellowship with the Holy Spirit, He births dreams in your heart and stirs up the God-given passion in your soul, propelling you towards your destiny. He will either add passion to what you are doing or he will give you the courage to step out into doing something you love.

Being destiny-minded actually is a hope-attitude. Hopeful people are always moving forward. Abraham was hopeful because he had a vision, and the night sky never let him forget that.

God reveals in part, and he enjoys the process more than just the destination. So, start by hearing his voice and allowing Him to know you. (Selah!)

The Holy Spirit is already within you, if you are born again (1 Cor 3:16). A new covenant believer is always led by His voice and not by circumstances, chances or opportunities. As you spend time with Him, knowing him through His word, he will speak to your heart.

You will be amazed to see what happens when God helps you to consider your destiny – you will not collapse, but you will rise, above and beyond your very own imagination!

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