Waiting in pain or anticipating with pleasure?

Anticipate with pleasure, the goodness of God!

Have you ever waited for someone for who showed up very late ?

It makes you feel anxious, boring and frustrating. No matter how genuine the reason is and how nice the person is, that doesn’t cut the pain of waiting.
Yet, as singles, we are made to feel that we are waiting and waiting all the time! Waiting, with pain, because nothing seems to be happening!
And that’s the exact opposite of ‘anticipating with pleasure’ which is the very definition of hope.

Waiting with pain is the antonym of anticipating with pleasure. Waiting makes you stop, and gets you stuck wherever you are and sucks the hope out – that’s why people who feel they have been “waiting” too long for something to happen become hopeless along the way.

I’m talking about the attitude here. ‘I’m single and waiting’ – this is a wrong mindset and  not one God wants you to have. Many feel “I’m single, waiting and I’m fed up of waiting.” 

What are you waiting for? Waiting for God to move?

Beloved, let me tell you a truth: God is NOT holding up your miracle. He is not the one who is tight-fisted, waiting for you to straighten up so he can have mercy and grant your wish. He is not stuck in traffic with your miracle. 2 Pet 1:3 says “His divine power has given to us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of Him who called us by glory and virtue.”

His divine power has already given us ALL things. We are no longer waiting for God to give, He has already given! So, now, we have to just receive – manifest what has already been given to us in the spirit. Problem is not with the GIVER. Problem is with the RECEIVER.

How do I receive?

  • Receive, “through the knowledge of Him” – through the knowledge of Christ! As you keep delving into the revelation of the true nature of Christ, you begin to start trusting him that He is good, and He has already GIVEN you all things pertaining to life. Everything that you need for life has already been given to you! Wow! 

So, stop saying, “I’m waiting on God.” Truth is – God is waiting on you! Waiting for you to line up with his thinking, which is the road block to your miracle. It is called renewing your mind. That’s the key to freely receive all the good things he has for you!

  • Grateful Heart: Abraham was empowered by faith. How? “He grew strong and was empowered by faith, as he gave praise and glory to God.” (Rom 4:20)

“As he gave praise” – that’s talking about a grateful, thankful heart. The beauty about having a grateful attitude is you enjoy your NOW. A thankful heart is NOT waiting for something to happen in order to be finally joyful. You are thankful to God right now!

I could never practically SEE God moving in my marriage, but in my spirit, I knew he is moving me closer and closer to my miracle. I always was thankful and full of hope. I’m telling you – only the Holy Spirit can fill you with such hope when nothing seems to be moving! And then suddenly, the breakthrough comes. 

That’s why God put that line in my heart for my singles ministry Transit218, “Celebrate your journey.” I wish it was just ‘celebrate life.’ A thankful heart overflows with celebration. And a person who is happy is very attractive, trust me. I have seen so many singles, sending out signals of frustration, neediness and desperation, that it shoos away people instead of drawing them near. A man is always attracted to a woman who is already happy, not someone who is waiting for him to make her happy! Works both ways!

  • Why am I not happy? One of the things that steals the joy of a person’s life is when you are not fulfilling your calling. I’ll talk more about this in the next articles. For now, just remember that while you are on your way fulfilling your destiny and making the most of life, your miracle will meet you. Whether that is a marriage or a break in your career – whatever it is you are ‘waiting’ for, it is on the road to your destiny!

Be encouraged today! God is not holding back your miracle. He has already released it for you. Soon, you will encounter your promise, as you grow in the knowledge of Christ, trusting him completely with a thankful heart. Get that picture out of your mind – the “waiting-for-something-to-happen painfully picture!” Enjoy your now, anticipate with pleasure – the goodness of God! 

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