Does God really celebrate me despite knowing my sin?

I’m a horrible person. How can he celebrate me?

Whenever God wants to honor you, the self-righteous spirit cries out – “Am I worth the celebration? No, I’m not – I’m a horrible person.”

Remember, how Judas mocked Mary’s extravagant celebration of her Savior with the expensive perfume? He obviously felt Jesus was not worth so much of honor and extravagance and superfluous love.

The same spirit rises now to accuse you. How can you think you are worth a celebration, and how dare you think you are a priority?

Answer back to that arrogant question: What will you choose to believe – will you place your opinion above God’s opinion of you? Now that’s some serious arrogance and disobedience to his word. “To glorify God is to place His opinion above yours” – Andrew Wommack.

If God says He celebrates me, then I’m gonna believe what He says, regardless of what I feel or think about myself.

When it comes to relative worth – meaning compared to who God is and what He has done for us, no single person on this earth deserves His love or His sacrifice.

We don’t deserve God’s unconditional love and grace, but Jesus paid the price so I can receive it freely. His sacrifice made it possible for that favor to be freely made available to me. If I don’t accept it, I’m in effect rejecting His perfect work! He stripped Himself of all worth to make me worthy of receiving his love. He stripped off heavenly worth, so He can clothe me with ‘heaven-worthiness.’

I like how Ps. Zack Cherian says it – true humility is knowing who you are and knowing who you are dependent on. That false humility we have springs out of a wrong identity.

God always looks at you through the finished work of the cross. When he sees Christ in you, He is the perfect sacrifice who completely pleases God. You and I are accepted in the beloved, and the beloved is Christ. (Eph 1:6) He is not constantly seeing or seeking what I lack. He sees Jesus, and is fully pleased!

He celebrates me, in spite of my weaknesses, my failures, my mistakes and my shortcomings.

Ever seen how parents are overjoyed with their children – they simply love them, they don’t need a reason. I’ve seen grandparents go crazy over their grandkids, just celebrating who they are.

Shout it out : He celebrates me just because He loves me … LOVE IS HIS REASON!


Next post: What do you see when you look in the mirror? You see Trouble, God sees Treasure.

(This is a part of the recent message I preached on Celebrating Life. Write to, if you would like to receive a copy of the entire message. I will continue to write more in the next post.)

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