Here’s to the Best Teacher!

Things did change. Earlier he was a friend and mentor, and we met now and then. Now, I was part of ZCIM. How’s he gonna be as my leader?

So, a teacher just teach and then tell you what to do in life and what not to do – control all your personal decisions, and become poky in your every business …? Well, I was used to this kind of leadership – either the leader is too liberal or too controlling.

Zack is nothing like that. If there is one thing that puts him as my best teacher, for life, (meaning not in profession), it is this:

Shall I change the format of Overboard (my monthly meeting)?
Ask the Holy Spirit
You think we can make it informal and that will draw people?
Only His presence draws. Be led.
Should I preach on this or that?
Be led by the Holy Spirit.

Be led. Be led. Be led.

OK, so here’s a teacher who doesn’t want to interfere, or know the ‘details’ … anything but controlling. Here’s the intent behind that: He never wants to take the place of the Holy Spirit in my life. So he always keeps pushing me to the Teacher who can guide me into all truth, though he himself can easily give me all the answers I want. This helped me to run to the Holy Spirit for every small thing also.

Thank you, my teacher, my friend, for so many life lessons that I can’t even describe or list here. You took me in, as Jesus would, and called me family, when I forgot what it was like to even belong to anybody, any church, any leader.

You pass over my mistakes, and believe in my strengths. You dream big for me, when I’m scared to, on my own. You love to show me off, like the Father shows off his Son. You were sent by God into my life, to help me relax (lol) and receive his love.

Knowing Jesus has never been easier, since knowing you is also knowing grace and truth. You are full of grace, always showering favors on me and others around you, cos you’re connected to an unlimited supply from above. What I admire most about you is your ability to tell the truth – you are never scared to tell the truth, and you even know how to say it.

I’ve always seen you move in love – while preaching, while healing, while delivering – so much love in your eyes!

Today, I’m so thankful for you, and I can’t help but wonder how you came into my life to bless me and make me a blessing. Many teachers taught me many things. But what you taught me changed my life.

Honor. Respect. Love. Salute.

Life Lessons, off-the-pulpit!
Not his words, but just what I learned knowing him, personally.

  • Love always comes first. People are first. Always.
  • If I’m not sure of my opinion, I can shut up, and not go viral with it. (Ah, this I learned the hard way)
  • I’m not called to be a lone ranger. I survived after all, but that’s not how it should be forever. Grow with the pack.
  • Every decision is taken depending primarily on the voice of the Holy Spirit. Hearing His voice is a lifestyle for a believer.
  • Even in ministry, hear feedback if I want, but take all decisions asking God.
  • Be a crazy giver. Tip the waiter more than he expects or deserves (still learning this)
  • Poverty mentality can exist in all areas of life, not just money. I’m so scared I won’t get something again, so I want to preserve what little I have – be it compliments, love, or money!
  • Don’t allow people to feed off you – become too dependent on you. Our goal is to help them depend on God, not us. (This I learnt, as he would not let me always run to him for every small thing that shakes me up. I gotta learn to run to the Jesus)
  • Serve in freedom, without beating yourself up.
  • Dream big: dream of the supernatural – healing, delivering, raising-from-the-dead. Dream.
  • Do everything, diligently, but always operating from rest.
  • I don’t have to beat myself up to  ‘prepare’ for a sermon. If I’m hearing his voice daily, this should not be any different or difficult.
  • I don’t have to always know what I want to know, when I want it. I can wait. (Man, have I learnt to wait!)
  • Be intimate with the Holy Spirit.

Happy Teacher’s Day …

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