He pulled a Zack! Again!

I heard every sermon of Zack’s that I could lay my hands on, and there were not many at that time. So I kept asking him directly, took his number and whatsapp-ed him like crazy. If all my sins are forgiven, won’t that give me a license to sin? Won’t I take grace for granted? How can it be God’s will to heal always?

I loved the way he guided me – he just kept giving me a revelation of the person of Jesus, and the finished work of the Cross. And once I soaked into that revelation, most of my doubts were answered automatically. I felt as if I was meeting a new Jesus.

I was so excited to discover the real gospel, that I began sharing it with people, and I saw the inherent power of the Gospel (too-good-to-be-true news) touch people like never before.

He, again, did something very ‘Zack’. I was attending the service at his place, in San Antonio. After worship, new comers were asked to introduce themselves. I stood up with my wide beaming smile – and he looked me and said, ‘You sit down’ and so I did, wondered what I did wrong (still getting rid of sin-consciousness)

After the introduction, for the first time, in front of me, pastor actually himself introduced me and talked about the things God was doing through me, and then he ended it with: ‘Joy is our person in Hyderabad. Please meet her after the service’ (I get scared to quote him verbatim – cos I mess up most times)

“What is our person?” I kept wondering. Oh he meant, our friend, our family types, something to that effect … may be. But knowing Zack he will never say anything just like that, he is not the careless talker at all. Whatever! I enjoyed his sermon, laughed and laughed, while my religious thinking was still taking a beating.

Adi, me and Priyanka, @ Riverwalk

Next two days, Zack and the kids take me out for sight seeing, and later even Priscilla comes along and the whole family took me around and never let me pay even for my own candy. For me, that was surprising, because here is a mom with three young daughters – wouldn’t she want to rest? The couple, I tell you, were way beyond what I ever expected from them.

Before I left, he prayed for me and released me for ministry, and something leaped in my spirit. I know it was the beginning of a new chapter in my life.

I didn’t quite understand what happened there, until I got back. Zack took me in and now I was part of ZCIM. Another shock. Another honor. Another favor. Last time, he just took me into the worship team – I can somehow still understand that though it is still a bummer. But making me a part of the ZCIM family? What were you thinking?

He pulled a ‘Zack’ !!!!

It was on June 2, 2013, that I became part of this precious family. And frankly, it did not sink in, for many months. So many times, Zack had to reassure me in that firm voice, and ZCIM-ers know what I’m talking about. “Joy, you are now in our family, in ZCIM.”

With the ZCIM family, @ Zack’s home! Priscilla, first lady, first from the left, front row.

And these two years, have been life-altering. … Zack is now my teacher, my pastor.  And things have changed between us .. a lot!

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