The Power of Expecting!

Are you expecting to have a bad day? Then you will!

I’ve often underestimated the power of expectation. An expectant woman who walks around with absolutely no sign of a bulge in the belly, is looking forward to and preparing for a baby to be born nine months down the road. Whatever you expect, you prepare for! Can you imagine a woman not preparing for the baby she is expecting to have?

Once the result is out, and she knows she is ‘preggie,’ she is preparing from that very moment. She believes the report, and that’s it. She needs no convincing that it is real, and from that moment on, she walks around pregnant – she monitors what she eats, and everything she does hangs on that one belief – “I am expecting!”

I have often expected to have a bad ‘tomorrow’ after experiencing hurt today. And subconsciously, everything in me would start preparing for that. I began thinking of whom I could meet to keep my mind off, what extra work I could do to avoid the pain, and even imagined how am I gonna sleep with this hurt tomorrow!  And sure enough, I would have a ‘bad’ day, and had to cry myself to sleep.

Or what about – when I’m expecting to have an argument with my husband, or expecting to fight with him – I’m rehearsing my dialogues in my mind throughout the day.. suddenly I have become a script writer, and even have a screenplay ready in the unlimited production studio of my mind! And guess what, end of the day, I do end up having a fight! What you anticipate will make you participate!

What if I took God’s promise and believed that report literally, like it would really happen no matter what! Abraham hoped against all hopes, that he would have a child because he believed the One who promised was able to perform it.

What if we become people of hope, expecting good things to happen? Just like with other things, this time too, we will subconsciously and consciously prepare and anticipate for a better tomorrow. It is an automatic.

And it will happen! Hope does not disappoint us because God has poured out his love into our hearts. When you know someone loves you, it is easy to trust. Can you put your hope in Christ’s love and walk around expecting his goodness to manifest?

Yet I am confident I will see the Lord’s goodness while I am here in the land of the living. (Ps 27:13)

What you hope for is what you will expect!

And what you expect is what you prepare for!

Let’s expect to see the goodness of God! This hope will not disappoint us because it is Jesus we are trusting!

Now walk around pregnant! With hope! Expecting!! 🙂  


  1. An eye opener to something which is very obvious. Walk expecting the best in God’s goodness. Thanks for the article.

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