Can’t be ready on time?? My struggle and quick-fixes!

How we women like to ‘talk’ a lot and get into trouble! I got all excited about a great idea on our wedding anniversary date, and told Mark, “Love, I am gonna make a new vow and add it to the list.”

“OK, love – what is it?” (and now at this point, I’m hoping he will also get the idea of wanting to add his own vow,but that doesn’t happen. He is one person you can’t guilt-trip easy)

“I have decided to dress up on time. Since I know you are punctual and I’m not. I want to dress up, and show up on time, for you my love!”

He was like “OK, love” and I was like – that’s all??! I just get an OK? I’m guessing he did not believe me. For all those who know me, I’m not the punctual types. Mark loves to show up 15 min early, and I automatically show up 15 min late, and now I have dragged him down with me – both the 15 min add up to half-an-hour! Eeek!

So, it began. Seemed as if every day was a testing day. What I discovered was this – just to be on time, I have had to miss my ‘good hair days’, my matching accessories, and had to sacrifice on the altar – the “look” which I want to get, but I just ain’t got time to get it. You know every time you’re in that mood to dress up, you have a certain “look” in mind. With that “look” in my mind, I go on digging out clothes from the closet, and Mark is like “What are you searching for? You have so many dresses right here!” 

And I’m like .. “No, I’m looking for something else.”

Finally, time’s up, and I gotta go. Ditched the look! Some smart-phone, photo-crazy friend clicks and uploads pics and I go “Oh my, I look terrible!”

Now this happened many a times and I had to come up with solutions, some quick fixes!

One thing I ask Mark to do is tell me how much time I have exactly: from bathing to… Oh no no … from switching on the geyser, to bathing, to be ready completely! And that includes my ‘take-aways’ : packing my snack (apple/sandwich – depending on what I feel like eating and if I’m hungry) water bottle (big or small?), neatly wrap up my mobile charger, jacket (if, a movie, or an AC-restaurant that might hit the fan right at me!), four or five eye-liners (what if I wanna highlight my eyes once the puffiness comes down), big purse and small purse – or purse and a wallet, or just a wallet (should I match it – oh forget it), earphones (might wanna hear an audio sermon-never know), big or small tooth comb, and all those “just-in-case-I-need” stuff!

So, I’m actually able to stick to the time my husband gives me and he does a fantastic job of clocking me! But God forbid he clocks me wrong, he bears the brunt. “You said 30 minutes and not 20 minutes love. That’s a lot of difference. I could have done my eyes or taken my snack. Now I’m so hungry!!”  I bet the man is confused at this time, or he has just learn to live with it!

From his end, I’ve noticed that he never goes in for shower until I have finished. His shower time is when I’m blow-drying my hair to get my “look” you see!! Lol! He hates to dress up, and then wait. So, he figured he’d get ready just-in-time, and now looks like he is an expert in reading his wife’s moves.

I picked up on a few fast-hair-do’s when I don’t have time to wash the hair, dry it, blow-dry it, serum-it, apply it just like the hair-dresser at the parlor taught me to, and then ruffle it … and all that jazz! 

I’ve learned to eat eat whatever is available. Or shop and store some snacks I like – now this had to become a routine, and not a one-timer. 

My most successful fix: I threw in a small basic make-up kit in the car, and even a hair brush! I’ve become an expert in ‘make-upping’ in the car, though it shocks people at signals, thanks to no tinted windows! I can’t care less. See, when I was single, this never bothered me. I would park aside and sit and beautify myself and then step out daintily from the car. Now, I’ve got a husband – a man, as my roommate and car-mate!

His reaction: “The car looks terrible, love. Your hair brush, shades, make-up pouch, lip balm, mint, pens, tissue paper – wet and dry! When I want to take out insurance papers or something else, all your ‘samaan’ falls out of the dash board. This is like a girl’s car!!!!!!!!!”

My response: “Do you want me to make it out on time or not?”

(Me, showing up on time – it will cost you huzzy! Muah! I love marriage!)

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