Six Typical Guys You Will Meet in Life

They make you laugh, they make you cry, they make you wonder why!Top six kind of guys who get your attention, always, anytime, and everywhere:

1. I’m at your service
He is the guy who can never say No, and will do anything and everything to ‘serve’ people and thereby serve himself, a dose ofAtYourService ‘how good I am.’ You will find him doing work, that is primarily, NOT his work, and his work will always, eventually, suffer. But he’s likeable, eh. He is most likely to wear a smile, walk towards you, and slide down under you (like a door mat) begging  ‘Kindly use me,I’m available.’

2. I serve only girls
He’s the guy who is chivalry personified, and is always ready to serve women, and leave men, behind. In the Indian context, he’s the one watching out for the welfare of the women in the office, or home or wherever. ladies manHe is most likely to be mamma’s boy, will open the door for you, grab a tissue for you before you can reach out for one, even kiss your hand, get an auto and wait till you get in it, and check if you reached home on time or not. He can also go the distance to pick up and drop mere acquaintances, ladies only. He will always make a good first impression, but the more you know him, the more you want a break. You like to be treated like a lady, of course, but not like a feather-brain, can-do-nuthin’.

3. I’m annoying but useful
This guy gets his work done by just annoying you – he will cut into conversations, listen partially, assume fully, and nag people till they do what he requests, forcefully. You will prefer helping him, just to escape the torturous-endless-chatter.
shut up

Sadly, he is annoying but no one tells him, because he is quite resourceful and has a good heart, just a big mouth. And that mouth, I tell you – he can do the best bheja fry and pakao your brain, talking nothing meaningful, but repeating himself ten times, and reminding you of his repeated repetitions. He is re-peter.

4. I have an attitude
This guy is parading around literally, ‘wearing an attitude.’ Forget his messy jeans or uncombed hair, paired with a smart shirt – whether he wears anything or not, attitude is a must. He is most likely to be good with excel tables, setting agendas, doing the ‘straight-forward-let’s-get-to-business’ talk. He make you feel like you’re eating away his time, always. Turns out, he was just getting late to … do nothing. His close friends or  ghar ke spies will tell you how emotionally unbalanced he is. He is busy, not like-memaking history, probably making money, and chasing the prettiest girls in town, by throwing attitude to grab ’em or keep ’em. Chances are he is not a team player, and flies solo, and he is too constipated with his attitude to even smile fully.He is the man with the full attitude and a fake-half-smile, secretly wanting people  to ‘like’ him.


5. I’m not cool and I don’t know it 
Oh this man thinks and portrays himself to be dermi-cool. LOL. You will find him sticking to the rich and famous, bold and beautiful, very dutifully. He has to, has to, always hang out with the most happening people. And his definition of most

jim carryhappening people are those with more money than he’s got, with access to few celebrities, owners of playstations and other toys like SUVs. You have these and you are sure to find him etching himself into 

your parties. Sad part is – he does not know that he ain’t cool and he can’t define what is cool. If he is a tween, he can be excused, but when a 20-something behaves like this, it is really not cool, I say.

6. I have to look good – ALWAYS

black tieClean shaven, folds of his shirts are sharper than a knife, matching shoes and belt, gelled or blow-dryed hair, pedicured feet, clean-up-pped face, in fashion – all thisalways. He’s the one who might remind you that it is time for your clean-up, and he cannot hold his comment when he sees someone casually dressed. One of his kinds, once gasped and asked me what was wrong with my husband, just because he(my husband) didn’t shave! He looks smart, walks well, is courteous and helpful, but his obsession with ‘have-to-look-good-always’ is pressurizing. He seems quite stuck-up, unable to express his true-self freely and envies those who do. I’d  love to see what he wears at home – branded and pressed nightwear, I’m sure!

I have met these kinds everywhere! Did you or did I miss out on any?

(Please take this in a lighter vein, it is not meant to criticize or judge anybody, purely fun)



  1. Yes you did.
    Some men are in this category , hard to find but def there.
    They dont talk much, observe a lot. Are happy being alone and are very good with kids coz kids have no attitude towards life “no drama” – bachee dil ke saaf. They will be your father ,brother , a good kisser to you and will love their mommy-ies. For them a challenge is very important weather helping his wife or a girl ,they wanna get it done , not linger-ing on the issue (that’s a core with everyman).
    You can talk everything and anything under the sky and they are known to be good listeners. They will drop everything and come to your rescue coz relationships do matter to them. They can good soldiers coz a soldiers do cry and protect with a passion. They look at the bliss of the past and hope future will be like that ( like Jagjit singh’s song –
    “Ye Daulat Bhi Le Lo, Ye Shohrat Bhi Le Lo
    Bhale Cheen Lo Mujhse Meri Jawaani
    Magar Mujhko Lauta Do Bachchpan Ka Saawan
    Wo Kaagaz Ki Kasthi Wo Baarish Ka Paani “).

    Bottom line is its hard to understand a Man coz you see your dad and hope all men are like that, then u see the devil in them in Delhi. Simple men are hard to find but are worthy.
    Next tiem you see a simple man , Smile girl.

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