quote Just do what you know before wanting to know what to do

Do what you know to do before you break your head over what you do not know and want to find out.

I’ve been wanting to ‘find’ my mission, re-prioritize my life, focus my time and energy into being fruitful and not just being busy, and here’s what got to me.

I once heard a line, can’t remember from whom, but it goes like this “What was the last thing God asked you to do? Did you do the last thing you were told to do?”

Yesterday night before hitting the bed, I heard Paul Milligan, in his seminar, ‘Setting Your Financial House in Order’ talking about how to use ‘what is in your hand.’ You might also have a dream in your heart, still un-fulfilled, but before you get there – you’ve already got something in your hand, to which you have to be faithful and diligent.

And today, Joel Osteen, reiterated the same in his sermon, ‘Pass the Small Tests’ – to hear God’s voice and obey quickly; that God speaks to you in little things by laying an impression upon your heart. Sometimes, you just know  what to do – but you don’t do it.

I find myself, there – caught and corrected. I know, since months, there are a few small things I need to do – and they all center around being disciplined with my time and money. I have just pushed it with all the stupidest excuses in the world.

Right now, I am doing one thing that I know to do – share this thought with you. It actually took me lot of arguing with myself, and in all that ‘thinking time’ I could have written two more articles.

These are few of the long-pending, ‘I-knows’ I’m yet to do.

Make a daily schedule – and stick to it.

Write down your spending.

Shelf-in the pressed clothes.

Contact my neighbor over Facebook.

Check on a  friend who has just returned from the US.

Just do what you know before wanting to know (else) what to do.
Joy, Just do it!


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