Last year, same time

Was just reading my blog post to re-live my wedding times … with few hours to go for my First Wedding Anniversary. I always thought I was writing for my readers. Today, first time I felt I wrote all that for me also – totally teary-eyed and overwhelmed… I can’t believe what ALL happened in those 30 days before the wedding.

From the post (about the wedding rehearsal day- 1 Day To Go):
“As I was holding pappa’s arm, and waiting at the door, for my turn to walk with him – though it was just a rehearsal, I could feel that heaviness in my heart that my father is actually giving me away.”

I remember this moment during the rehearsal, when dad was practicing ‘giving’ me away. Two weeks back, I was praying and asking my heavenly Father to sponsor my wedding anniversary ‘outing’ and surprise me. Pappa called just now and confirmed a booking at an awesome hotel, one which we could never afford or never dare to spend so much. My dad is so special. He would have officially ‘given’ me away to Mark, but he has not stopped loving me. Thanks, pappa.

So true that once we get married, we become ‘paraya’ for our parents – not in the bad sense. Let me explain. After my wedding, whenever Mark and I went home, we were and still are treated like celebrities, especially by mamma. She longs to see us and spend time with us, and every time we are there, it is special. She treats me as a special guest. She wants me to buy new clothes for our anniversary and is gonna give me the money today. Oh, our parents!! Love you mom dad.
In realtime: My cousin sister Joni is getting married the day after (on 21st). I’m getting ready now for her Mehendi program, and yes, I am dancing again. Yesterday was her Sangeet at the same place that I had mine, last year. I danced to a medley of Sridevi’s Kisi Ke Haath Na Aayengi Yeh Ladki, Rangeela Re and Tamma Tamma Loge. Today, it is a repeat of last year’s performance – the Madhuri special, on demand:)

Preethi, Veena and Prathima are still very much around. Just that, this time, it is different. Preethi and Pratima lost their dear mother just three weeks back. I remember walking in to their home, meeting aunty and announcing the good news about our marriage. She was so excited for me. And she loved Mark from the time I introduced him to her. That was my second home – and still is.

The whole of last month, Mark and me were in and out of the hospital and with their family.I realized that we never even discussed whether we should go there, stay during the night, or how much to spend with them..nothing. We were so united in our minds – he re-arranged his working schedule, and from day one, was ready to just go and be there for them. He is not the kind who just ‘supported’ me in my decision, and ‘let me go,’ but he was fully involved and was there with me – I have never felt more ‘one with him.’ 

Around the same time, last year, I wrote in the blog post, that after the wedding rehearsal, we went to coffee day. Here’s from the post:

“Today, out of habit, I felt that way, as if its another regular day – we had coffee with friends, and now we both are going back home. I can’t believe that after tomorrow, we will both go together, to the same home, or to wherever, but we no longer will be just dating or courting … we will be one, we will be married, we will live together, the same home, go home together from tomorrow onwards.. we will not be Mark and Joy but…  Mr and Mrs. Mark Kuldeep Singh Chouhan.”

And I am Mrs.Shruthi Joy Chouhan now. Not one moment this year went by without wondering how in the world I found such a loving husband. This day, last year, I mentioned that our dating days were over. I feel my married days are much more romantic and beautiful than the dating days. I say this with all honesty.

I’m sure tomorrow Mark will say (when I ask him, of course) “See I told you – you can never love me as much as I love you.” I have really tried to reverse that trend, but seems like he takes the cake, again. In fact, I read more than he did about ‘understanding men’ et al. He never read but he just did. And this was one virtue I fell for before marriage also – he is more a ‘doer’ than a talker. Now don’t ask about me!!!


  1. I enjoyed reading your blog Joy and it warmed my heart to read the kind of relationship you two share. God bless your love and your marriage . Happy first wedding anniversary to you and Mark ! 🙂

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