7 Qualities for a Potential Date

I was reading ‘Becoming’ Biblezine, and I stumbled upon one of the articles for Singles! Crisp, simple but oh so so true! (Anne Supada, I have to return this book to you:) The 7 points are taken from that, but I’ve added my thoughts to each point.

1. Does he love God ? 
You know this by the fruit not by the talents @ display. Don’t tell me how many hours he spends at church, tell me how much intimate time he spends with God alone @ home. Don’t brag about the activities he’s involved in, brag about how obedient he is in his personal life. I’ve known guys who looked so mature on stage, but were emotional wrecks, and had no time for God in their real personal lives. If you love me, obey my commands – that’s all you need to see!

2.Is he honest?
Jesus hates hypocrisy and loves honesty, and if you are his disciple, you should be able to smell the stink of actors and pretenders.Try to look beyond the superficial to see if the guy is who he says he is.

3. Does he respect his mom?
Hmm..good one. Does he really care for her – does he mention her in conversations, does he keep up his family commitments?

4. Do you share the same values?
You can’t walk together unless you agree girl! What’s his take on money, on possessions, on ‘how to live life’; how does he treat people – rich and poor alike? How did he treat the waiter at the coffee shop and the valet guy?

5. Are your passions in life similar?
Don’t make yours similar to his or think ‘Ya, I can make that my passion.’

6. What’s his work ethic?
Is he the same person at work and at church?

7. What do his friends say about him?
Oh so important to find out first what his guy friends say about him. They might not well ‘say’ but check anyway – better to find out what his friends say than yours.


  1. Nice article Joy. 🙂 I had to point out a fact though. God does not hate anyone and definitely not the hypocrites. God never hates a person, he might hate the attitude or the sin, so he hates hypocrisy, but not the hypocrites.
    I don\’t blame you, this is the way parents bring up kids — ”Oh beware, God hates the bad guys!” And this kind of gets into one’s subconscious mind.
    Just remember when you are pointing to an attitude or bad character or sin — that is what God hates but not the person himself! We need to be consciously aware that our God loves everybody and nothing we ever do will ever decrease His love for us even one bit!!

    • Thanks Padma for pointing that out. You’re right. I was putting in the points taken from another article I read, and I should’ve checked before writing that in. Thanks a lot. I’ll make that change and update it again.

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