Marriage’s first worst gift!

Married on December 20, 2011 – weight 60 kgs.
May 24, 2012 – weight 67 kgs.
A gift of 7 kgs!

Grrrrr … 7 kgs in less than 5 months! If I had a baby and I added on that weight, it can be called blessed fat, but not if only the fat is out without any explanation except the age-old binging!

The number one greed which is the hardest to tame, is the greed – the lust for food! No doubt it was the first temptation Jesus also faced from the devil who asked him to turn the stones into bread, after a 40-day fast in the wilderness.

Talk about saying NO to food! How can you say no to weekend family dinners, where your favorites are spread out on the table, accompanied with coke and then your favorite desert. Parents miss you so much on both sides, that even normal lunches and dinners are lavish!

In the first few months, we did have people calling us over for dinners.. which eventually stopped.. so we had to start calling ourselves to dinners at our favorite restaurants. Remember, this is in addition to the weekend fillings.

What about the gym, beautiful walk area, swimming pool at the new home?

Well, those are for keeps-sake. It has been slightly over a month since we shifted to PBEL City, and anyone who asked us about our new community-living experience  got an overdoze of the facilities available here : library, all-day gym, swimming, walk area – beautiful lawns and so on..

So how many times did I gym and swim? To be honest, twice  to the gym and only once to the swimming pool. But when anyone asks about our home, that’s all we boast about – we talk about something we don’t use at all.

Am I cooking?

Yes, of course – rice and chicken curries! Should have taken my father’s advice to learn phulkas, while at home. One whole packet of aata is doing sleeping beauty for many months in the shelf. 

In my wanting-to-please- husband endeavors, I also developed his unhealthy habits of ricing all the time, with chips or some kur kurrs like murkus.. and ya, Coke.

Spare me from shopping – I look for clothes that conceal my gift but that means a lot of hunting, which I don’t have patience for.

So here,  I am, 7 kgs heavier, face looks rounder and the post-wedding gown shoot has been put off until I lose that visible fat! 

Talk about love making you happy – too happy to be eating all the time. Oh did I tell you what else is new – my new love for chocolate muffins and my new staying-up-at-night with my husband whose working on night shifts from home for the next 3 months. Since I’m not used to working at nights, I feel uneasy, I read this uneasy feeling as ‘hungry.’

Oh, I developed another new habit – practiced to perfection – Baskins ice-cream once in two days!

.. with hot chocolate fudge!

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