Where are my socks?

He can find the toughest place on earth, using his mapping capabilities, but he cannot spot his socks in the cupboard! Introducing my new male roommate – my husband!

When we were at Andamans, he hated the idea of having a tourist package, where you get a drop and pick up, and the whole tour is pre-arranged and pre-planned. As soon as we checked-in, we went out for a walk and picked up a bike. He tried hard for an Enfield but all the firangs booked them in advance for months together.

He immediately informed at the reception desk that we wont be  needing any vehicle going forward. Our travel agent had arranged for a jeep, but, well, for a man, if he can’t drive it, ain’t no fun in sitting around. So, we cancelled everything and set to exploring the places on our own. And seriously, as a girl, guess it is quite amusing for me how he found all the tourist spots on his own; he followed a map, and remembered the lanes, while I was just enjoying the cool breeze and spotting tall trees. What a street smart husband I found!

After the bliss, we settled down in our house, and he still remained a street smart husband, just that, at times, the smartness comes out, only outside. It is as if all his ‘spotting-a-place’ skills get paralyzed when he stands in front of these things called cupboards!

I remember the first time I heard him call out for me and I was somewhere downstairs, and I ran up thinking something real bad happened and lo and behold, he could not find his socks.

“It is right there, love” I said.

“I can’t find it please. And where are my inners?”

And the song continues everyday ..

“Where is my light green formal shirt”

“Where’s my underwear?”

“Why did you give that shirt for washing, I have nothing to wear now..”

“Remember, that shirt I left in your mom’s place – where did you keep it?” (For the life of me, my memory sucks and I have no clue about anything )

So, finally, I placed all his clothes in a systematic manner, and gladly informed him that his ‘ghar ka’ clothes were to the left corner, ironed shirts in the middle, inners in the draws, pants to the hangers, and so on.

He looked quite impressed, and I thought the problem was solved, now that everything is visible, in proper divisions, oh so clearly.

And the next morning ..

“Sweetheart, where are my socks?”


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