Day Zero: I will be with the one I love!

11 a.m. now. I’m at the other flat, spending time with God, as I prepare myself to be a bride.

I woke up at 8:30 a.m., and felt so nervous. Quickly had my breakfast, spent some time with Ryan, who brings me joy, and eases my tension, but after he slept – it came back again. I knew I had to sit down and spend some time in prayer.

All my life, I had two romantic dreams, one of which is getting fulfilled today. The dream of every girl, not just to be a bride, but be a bride to the one she loves. To walk down the aisle, knowing without a shadow of doubt that she wants to spend the rest of her life with this man. And I always dreamt of that – to walk down the isle, and look into his eyes and say my vows, with love and conviction.

My dream is finally coming true, in about 4-5 hours from now.

We are going to add  a little Jewish flavor to our wedding at the church – a chuppah, right in the center, where the ceremony will take place. It symbolizes God’s direct covering over the new couple. We will now, come directly under His guidance and leadership, and He will be the head of our house.

I hope the streaming works, and you guys will see me as a bride, dressed in white. No, this is not a copy of some western custom. The bride dressed in white, is a symbol of purity, and not just that. When Jesus comes back for His people, for the ones He loves and died for – He is coming back for a pure bride. The bride represents the believers  – the church.

When Jesus comes back a second time to the earth, He will come back as King and He will take all of us, who believe in him, home with him. Even in the ancient Jewish custom, after engagement, when people would ask the groom-to-be where he was going – He would say he is going to prepare a place for his bride at his father’s house. This was the same thing that Jesus told his disciples – “I am going to prepare a place for you”

And since my childhood, whenever I heard about Jesus coming back in the clouds, with a loud trumpet noise, and angels – I always imagined and dreamt of being caught up in the clouds with my Lord, the one I love, the one I worshipped all my life.

Today, as a bride, I will be with the one I love. And sometime soon, in the near future (we are already living in the end times), we as the bride, together, will be with our Lord. Oh what a glorious day that will be! I might be an old lady, or might be in my 50s or 40s , I don’t know. But my spiritual eyes will be opened, and with unveiled face I ‘ll see Him. The world will think aliens made people disappear – but it will be our Lord who took us away. And then we will come back with Him to the earth, and will reign forever and forever.

Even the last month, while I was preparing to be a bride, every day, I would think of how we as people who love God, need to prepare ourselves for our King.

I will be the one I love, again, this time, both Mark and me. That’s my second dream – and I cannot wait for it!

Please join me as I get married today – log on to and do leave your comments on the Guest Book.

Enjoy this song – I am gonna sing it at the reception, hopefully, if everything works out.

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