Day 3: Sangeet: Bollywood entertainment, my special solo and grand finale – Mark&Me!!

What can I say? I’m out of words for how my parents and family members organised the Sangeet function.

Sweety and Ammu were the MCs and they divided the whole program into our (mark and me) childhood, teen and youth phases, and presented dances accordingly by first the children, then the pre-teens and the youth – girls and guys and the married ones. 

Kids are kids. We love anything that they do on stage. Tia, Minu, Diya and Disha performed on a medley of songs and I kept smiling throughout – they were sooooooo cute.

Then came the Kanthamma daughters and one cousin – Mamma, Sweety, Rani and Chandika akka. Wow! They blew my mind away. So graceful and well-coordinated. They ended with Kolavari di – to add some fun to the whole performance. The best for me, of course, was my mother – she is so graceful and has got perfect finish to all her steps. She did not even practice, but just stood in second line and picked up everything live, right on the spot.

Soon, the teens and twenties together rocked the dance floor with the latest hits, led by Joni, who is such a pretty and talented doctor.

What I loved was the talking inbetween the songs – Ammu and Sweety kept sharing a lot of information about Mark and me – about our childhood days, teenage, youth, etc. Well, now I’m coming to the exciting part for me  because I had planned this performance long ago when Mark started calling me Madhuri. Hee hee.

Since my childhood days, I would always pick Madhuri’s latest numbers and present a performance before my family on New Years’ and my grandmother Kanthamma, would always give me the highest number of notes for my dance. And since then, they tagged me as Madhuri, cos I simply adored her and wanted to dance on her songs only.

And later in life, my man saves my name as Madhuri in his mobile, and I know its silly, but I totally loved it. He says he did that cos even he is a fan of hers, plus he loves my dancing, and it came naturally to him to compare me to her. I had no issues ha ha.

So yesterday, I practised a medley of top four hits (which I knew well) – Ek do teen, Mera piya ghar aaya, Chane ke kheth main and Aaja Nachle and I told Mark a day before, that this performance was dedicated to him.

I totally loved my entry – with the track playing Mohini, Mohini.. With full feeling, I entered the stage, amidst loud applause and cheers from the entire family, and the sentiment was unbeatable – cos I had performed that song when I was around 7-8 years, and my relatives pulled me to do the same performance on so many occasions, its not funny. And while I was performing, they could not contain themselves – my favorite uncle Swaraj pappa showered me with 500 rs notes; my mom-in-law teased me on stage with dance movements and did not give me the money easily; my dad and Suri wouldn’t allow me to finish my steps, one after another – oh my – it was so much fun. My father-in-law, Anand uncle gave me the highest denomination – 1000rs note!

The greatest reward was this – Mark had tears in his eyes at the end of my dance. He told me later that he knew it was for him, and he was blown by how well I was dancing, and was totally touched that I practiced the day before for the dance.

But that was not it. Monica, Mark’s sister gave a surprise performance on Kajrare, and so did little sister Sweety on Aaja Nachle. Monica  is a very very graceful dancer – esp. Indian renditions – she does full justice. Mom was like “Just looking at her itself is a treat – she is so beautiful on stage, and then when she dances so well – its a deadly combo”

Here’s the best part : The Nalugu day, as you all know, Mark did not shake a leg or even move a hand. But nobody knew that we both planned a hip-hop dance together. I absolutely love dancing with him, cos we have amazing chemistry, and he has perfect finish for all his steps plus he is the practice-until-perfect types. He came home at around 3.30 and left at 5:30. We had one solid hour of practice – that’s it. He ripped the dance floor and danced even better than me. We did a medley of Hola by Trinitee5:7 and our favorite Whoopsydaisy by Toby Mac. Mark’s greatest strength is proper western hip-hop, and Toy was right in suggesting we do just that. He ripped it – totally – phaad diya stage ko.




Comments like  mazedaar jodi, perfect pair, followed us through the dinner time. How I loved this family get together. We were

thinking we should’ve had another day of pure fun.

I’m trying to get the wedding to be streamed live – so everyone who want to, can watch it live on our website –, but that’s not an excuse for all those who are invited to escape it. Will keep you guys posted once the news is confirmed.

2 days to go – unbelievable:)



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  1. awesome madhuri gudiya… overwhelming and sentimental indeed. leme know bout wedding live …wudve so lovd2b there. sure wud luv to wtch it.God bless u guys abundantly

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