Day 4: Nalugu updates:)

The first Nalugu where the groom’s family and the groom also were present, and we had the famous Samson Mukesh with his orchestra as our star attraction. And also another budding star, whom I will introduce later.

Rani was the MC and she did a fabulous job – she introduced the whole concept of how a bride prepares herself for the groom, and how it is symbolic of the church (believers in Christ) preparing herself as a bride for the coming of the groom, symbolic of Jesus Christ who’s going to come back for us! Yeh! I love that part!

And then after each item was placed in front of me, my parents presented their gifts and I went to change into the gifted pattu saree, while the sermon about Esther by Rosy aunty went on.

I asked Toy and Preethima to come help me with the saree draping and Yadamma my helper was also with me. She was just carrying my bags, but the other two were trying to figure out how to drape it. My personal photographer Becky also got involved in the half-an-hour saree draping affair. We draped the pallu first, thinking we are super bright, and did a reverse wrap, only to realise we folded the border also in – and we did it all over again. I really wonder what pictures Becky took during this whole ordeal, and I can’t wait to see.

Some special songs kept the crowd entertained while we came back. For the first time in my life I wore a pattu saree, with vadyanam – that round belt thing around the waist. And you know me – worried about the belly showing,and I had no choice. I thought I’ll get blasted but when they all saw me in fulltoo traditional style, they were overwhelmed and showered me with praises instead. And whenever I took the stage, the audience clapped for me – hee hee. My family made me feel like a star. But the real star is yet to be introduced.

The normal procedure followed – every family, starting from the eldest, came and presented their gifts (which I’m yet to open) and blessed me – soooo special. Oh did I mention – I’m allergic to haldi so they put chanaga pindi mixed with moisturiser:)

Dinner followed, and the asli maza started now, with the orchestra opening with Mayini mayini – Ammu was like – Did you request for this Madhuri song? No, I did not and I was pleasantly surprised.

Mark and me went and served ourselves, and all the while, whoever we were passing by kept doing “Uhhu uhhu (coughing style)” or “ohooo”. His eyes were sparkling cos he’s the shy types. And I noticed one thing – even I become very shy when all the elders are around us – I think twice before looking at him, cos that full-blush-smile is happening off.

While we were having dinner, dad took the stage and dedicated a song to us – Kya khoob lagti ho. And dad, you know him, stole the show from there. But there was a show stopper – my own mother-in-law! While I was dancing with mamma, she came forward and the three of us danced together. But she picked up pace and went into this awesome classical dance – me and mom just had to back off and watch – cos she was toooo good! I felt like Madhuri in Dil To Pagal Hai – when Karishma takes over  the dance, while both of them are doing this competition-kinda thing. The only difference – this was a positive take-over and the whole khandaan burst into applause and cheering and whistling.

Of course, they pushed Mark and me forward, soon after all the couples showed-off their ballroom dancing skills (Salman and Bhagyashree in MPK-style). And Mr.Mark, was super shy, and was just smiling and smiling and not even shaking a leg or lifting a hand. Now, all those who know him well would have been shocked because it looked as if he did not know how to dance, and so he was shy, when we know how well he dances. So the men, just took his hands and raised it up in teer-maar style and forced him to dance. At one point, I was shamelessly dancing around him, thinking he’ll join but he never did, and it looked like I was doing this circle around him. Huh! (By the way, today we both are supposed to perform, to which he obliged, thanks to my sulking face) But he is not the star I’m talking about.

Dad took off with Mere angane main tumhara kya kaam hai and with each verse Jiski biwi gori, Jiski biwi lambi .. the ragging began and couples kept trying to play the role and push their biwis in front. Mr. Aashiq Ali, one of our catering in-charge guys, could not contain himself. He was at the serving table, and was staring at dad with mouth-wide-open jaw dropped into the bucket-vessel of dal. He was like that toy that needs a little key to dance. Unable to contain himself, he ran up to the front – a complete stranger, but ironically dancing to  Mere angane main tumhara kya kaam hai . He had other kaams, but in our angan he took the liberty to dance – and Mark was totally freaking out – laughing uncontrollably.

He, Mr. Aashiq Ali was the star. Guess what – he requested to do a special performance for the Sangeet, and mom agreed. Can’t wait!

(for more pics, please check FB)

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