Day 5: Lights, facials and love!

Went for my last facial today at Naturals in Sindhi Colony. It was a glow-something that cost me Rs 1800. Man, what all we do for our man! And for ourselves too:)

Whenever I lie on that table, and close my eyes, I always tell myself to  relax and sleep. Somehow, I can’t, unless there is a pack on my face. Each time she applied a cream or scrub, it smelt like something I ate at some point in my life. Really, it all had the fragrance of food – and I was trying to figure out if it was walnut, or pista, or fruit or what – I just could not make out.

Anyway, I hope to glow – they said the ‘effect’ would last for 24 days! Should blog on 24-days of facial-effect and see if it will last – guess both the glow and the blog will fade away. Lol.

Well, the lights are on – and our house is shining in red, yellow and blue. I just love lights all around the house. What is it about lights and us – bright and colorful lights do make us happy. And that was the first thing created, after heaven and earth – “Let there be light” and there was light! We take so much effort to get the lights on just the way we planned it out – first figure out the power source, establish a connection, ensure the load is not too much, etc. But for the Creator of the universe – His word was enough. Wow! Always blows me to read Genesis chapter 1,and today I’m gonna read that before I sleep.

I also have developed a new-found interest in the subject of lights because Mark heads that department in church, and he does a fantastic job especially during the Cantata & Drama. And since the time he took over, I went to every single event – big and small, to see how he skillfully worked on lights. I love to make him happy.

I think it is important for us to show interest (or develop it if we have to), in what our partner is good at.  We do not have to learn everything about it or specialise in it, but we must at least get a basic overview, so that what the whole world appreciates your spouse for does not go without appreciation at home.

My bachelorette party ended at about 6 pm and I wasn’t feeling well, but I had to gather myself, pop in a tablet, and rush to church, to be there – sitting beside Mark, at least 15 minutes before the drama started. Didn’t want to miss the opening. He toiled the whole week, and also slogged recording the entire drama – I had to be there, and I was so longing to be there with him. When I crashed in 15 min. before, his team member immediately grabbed a chair in the corner and placed it for me, saying Mark had kept that chair especially for me to sit. I was so moved  –  in that busyness, he would even think of keeping a place for me.

Even for me, whether I sing or dance, end of the day, when I come home, I want to check with my family and closest friends if they really liked what I did. It matters a lot. You might be Shahrukh Khan outside but if your own wife has no clue about what you’re so good at, and if you receive no admiration at home for your greatest strength, chances are – you will look for it outside. And ‘outside’ might take you to temptation island where the forbidden fruit is  most delicious, and you never know how dangerous it is till you eat it, relish it, and come back home with a bad stomach and suffer the whole night on the throne. Guess you all know what I’m talking
about. (Not diarrhoea, the forbidden fruit!)

Anyway, I learnt this from mamma. Right from my childhood, she always recognized my talents and encouraged me to give my best. And she would give her best too. For fancy-dress competitions at inter-school level, she would pick the role no one would dream of playing, and then do everything that is needed – from stitching the costume to getting me to rehearse with excellence. Not just that, she would NEVER miss a single performance of mine, unless she was sick. Even till date, if I am leading singing at church, she comes before time and sits there. No event is small for her, because her daughter is big for her. I loved that as a child and I love it even today.

Apart from constructive criticism, I long to hear my parents and my sister say – “job well done”. They’ve been seeing you forever, so if they say you’ve improved , you really have. Family really matters.

While on that, we went to Mark’s house today to officially invite them for our Nalugu and Sangeet (Friday & Saturday). We know that its mostly a girlie thing, but we felt these occasions are great times to know and develop good relations, and we’re so glad  – they felt the same. Both the parents exchanged gifts!

I also gave my wedding card to my Sunday School teachers Grace aunty and Nallaraj uncle. While at home I told mamma before leaving that as far as I know, Grace aunty maintained a book – where in she had all the names of single men and women, and she prays over them every day, and crosses off a name when married. It was unbelievable – when I went there, aunty took out an old-school-type notebook, and showed me my name crossed out. I was so overwhelmed.  Out of words.

Honestly, I don’t remember a single word that aunty ever taught me, though I was quite young at that time. The only thing I recall is her love.  And that’s what pushed me to somehow squeeze time out and run to my childhood teacher and invite her for the greatest moment of my life, because she is rightfully a part of it.

“If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge,
and if I have a faith that can move mountains,
but do not have love, I am nothing.
If I give all I possess to the poor and give over my body to hardship that I may boast,
but do not have love, I gain nothing.”
(I Cor 13:2-3)


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  1. Been looking forward to your blogs everyday! Hope you have some one lined up to blog all the wedding day news and pics! You might be toooooooo pre- occupied to do it! Also any thoughts of relaying the wedding service on line? Would love to see it!

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