Day 7&6: Paint my face (makeup trials)

Makeup trials! Unless you like the trailer, you will never pay to watch the movie. But the makeup artists don’t seem to get that! What you show is what you get.

Spoke to this lady on the phone who sounded so confident and friendly and went to Naturals for the trial. She kept yapping, but had nothing to show. I looked bad after the makeup. I took so many pictures to see if I might look good, but it was not working. And for every change we asked, she said “Woh final main ho jayenga” and we are not ready for more shocks on the final day.

Sometimes, the ones who promise to make you look good can make you look so ugly.

So, we headed for the next lady, who could not speak for nuts, but had skilled hands. When we met her, she was not so well groomed or fashionable like the first one, and we, being humans, thought we might be in for a disappointment. But the funny part was, as many parlors do, she agreed to do a half-face trial. 

“Madam, if you want me to drape saree also, I can take care that. But if you feel you want to take care, you can take care of draping. “

And mom was too much. At one point, she was like “Will you take care of the hairstyle or will you call someone else to take care that?”

I had to control myself , though my eyes were closed, but poor Sanjay anna – he had a tough time keeping a straight face. Mom’s so chaalu.

While doing the eyes – applying mascara or kajal, I tend to become very fussy and restless. So she kept repeating:

“Madam, please look upstairs ” (while applying mascara)

Please don’t shake madam. No shaking” (kajal time)


So finally the half-face was done up. She did a good job on the skin but kinda messed up the eyes. Kajal doesn’t suit me, but no one listens until they try it on, and then give me cotton with cleansing milk to wipe it off. How can anybody make out how good they are look when one side of the face is painted – no matter how good the second half is, when you put the two together – it just looks plain funny.. here’s the pic.

The last trial was done at home by someone we knew. He tried on fake eyelashes for me. I looked okay, but again, not me. Uff – check it out. And why, can’t I smile properly while taking these pics!

The climax of the story was not however the makeup only. Mom promised to take me home straight to show the makeup to Toy. We were on our way, and Mark calls me to hurry and go to Raymond showroom, to finalise on the color of the shirts for the groomsmen- Philip and Shane. I could not say no. I don’t care much if I look like a clown, but I was up for it, only for this one showroom.  

When the guys saw me from a distance, and as I drew nearer, their expression was priceless  – they looked so confused and could not make out why I was made up like that. Was I looking nice or not – they did not know. All they knew was – I was looking weird.Period.

Mark did not like the eye-makeup. He said he loves my eyes the way they are and he doesn’t like too much ‘paint’ on them. At the parlor, my eyes looked good, but when we came out into the bright light – they were looking nice, but not like my eyes. And I want to look like ME at MY wedding, not like some other beautiful girl.

However, guys are bad at making out whether your brows are shaped or not, so we can’t fully take their opinion. For me, it was important though. I’ve heard some of my friends complain about how they did not like their brides with too much makeup.

Anyway, good makeup won’t be stark visible, and right-in-your-face – I concluded. 

We had a blast at the showroom, teasing Philip. I was there with mamma and Sanjay anna. And I informed mom early on that Philip was the shy types, so here was our chance to rag him. And so she did – and we all enjoyed at his expense. He’s such a darling, and a very dear friend to Mark and me.

Cards distribution has started in full swing. And on Sunday, I was running about looking for people, for whom I had already written the cards, but could not find them. And the ones I found, I hadn’t written the names. Had to plead with them for a minute to quickly write the name. And here’s the thing – you can’t just the card, and say “Please come without fail” and run away to the next candidate you can see in the corner of your eye, moving towards the exit, and you want to be able to catch that person before he/she leaves. You cannot just leave!! People open the card, see it, comment on it, and ask you the day – “What day is it?” I’m like “Tuesday, please do come.”

And then they ask the same questions, “Ya we will come. So all set? Is your shopping over” etc etc. And I am on pins and needles, and believe me, I saw some of the friends I wanted to give the cards to, but I could not run to them. And now I gotta go again next Sunday to find them.Meanwhile, I’ve sent across many e-invites as well. Plus, have to make phone calls to request people to come. Huh. Lotta work.

The funniest part of both the days was yesterday though. I was returning home in an auto, and the driver was busy DJing – searching for a song to play. He was at it for a while, and I was wondering what favorite song he was searching for. Well, I was wearing red and had a red dupatta on. Guess what? He played Laal dupatte wali tera naam tho batha.  I was laughing to myself. I enjoyed the song cos it reminded me of the comedy in the movie Andaaz Apna Apna – Govinda and Chunky Pande acting all crazy!

But our Hyderabadi drivers are ultimate – there are like this only.


  1. Joy, wow, you decided right! To go plain & natural with your eye make up! They are big ,bright & expressive, no enhancers needed 😉 (far from needing fake eye lashes)

  2. Joy, wow, you decided right! To go plain & natural with your eye make up! You are blessed with beautiful eyes.They are big, bright & expressive, no enhancers needed 😉 (far from needing fake eye lashes)

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