Day 11: Bollywood Calling? Aaja aaja!

Stressed out totally today, but the news of daily dance rehearsals got me excited!

My cousins and my aunts are busy practicing  for the so-called dance competition between seniors and juniors for Sangeet. So cool and so filmy and so Indian. What would we do without Bollywood songs?

I especially love the Mehndi lagake rakhna, Mera piya ghar aaya, Le jayenge dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge and so many such shaadi songs. Can we forget ‘huh-aah’ of Madhuri’s in Hum Aapke Hain Koun, or the very first family-romantic drama Maine Pyar Kiya? I still think about our first taste of  jazz-ballet contemporary dance in ‘Aate jaate’ in the opening of  MPK, and Balasubramanyam’s Telugu accent. We were so amazed by the new steps. And later in the movie, even Salman and Bhag try out some ballroom steps on the same song which were so desi ha ha. Remember, the scene where Salman is playing the saxophone,  I guess in one corner of the house, and Bhag gets effected by his music and is doing her gestures of ‘Ooos and aahs’ in another floor downstairs. How ridiculous, but how entertaining!

Mark and me love to watch movies. For us, it is recreation. At times, when we feel we are overdoing it, we totally cut down, but otherwise, we love to watch a good movie. Or when possible, watch fun programs on television –  My Wife and Kids, Friends, Jerry Sienfeld, Oprah Winfrey, etc. One of our personal favorites is  My Wife & Kids (feel free to gift us the series as a wedding gift:) . We also place a high value on good entertainment, because we both are in the same industry, and we know how much effort goes in for even few seconds of producing a scene.

One of the things that brings us closer is our core values and our vision for the future. We both have worked together before on a talk show, and we absolutely loved it. In fact the spark was ignited almost at the fag end of our working time together. We love to work on production of quality entertainment based on good values. While many don’t appreciate people working in the media field, I see the same cannot live without television and cinema in their personal lives. Irony.

I saw and even lived another irony, when I was in my teens. There was this one group at school or college, who loved Bollywood, and another group of friends who were all posh English-songs-type. So when I was hanging out with the posh-types, I would not open my mouth about  Bollywood, or even accidentally hum a filmy song, for fear of being ragged.

But when I was with the Bollywood types, I did not hide my love for MLTR, Ace of Base, Backstreet Boys, All 4 One, and my collection of Assorted Love Songs, dutifully taped (ya, on a tape) by some of our posh guy friends, with side bangs and long hair.

Mark faced a similar dilema, of which I knew much later after we dated. He loved Hindi and Telugu (selected) movies, but could not openly discuss or even sing in front of his posh gang. Even worse, he was a bassist in an English rock band. It is sin for you to even desire to hum a  filmy tune in your head, on your way back from a rock performance.

But how long could he hide it from a Bollywood bred-desi-at-heart, Madhuri-fan, like me? I have been dancing on Madhuri and Sridevi’s numbers since my school years – from Tezaab to Ke sera sera, Haatho mein 9 choodiya to Morni baaga ma bole and then later I got busy and grew up. My last solo performance was on Britney’s Crazy at SIMC Pune’s Fest – my newfound hip-hop craze. Plus, over the years, I’ve grown very uncomfortable to even sing or dance to songs having dirty or vulgar lyrics. So I just stopped it totally. And frankly, humare zamaane ke gaano ka baath hi kuch aur hai.

I got the biggest shock when Mark, very very hesitantly told me that one of his favorite movies was Maine Pyaar Kiya. I could not believe it.
I laughed, as he expected, and later admitted to having seen it more than 5 times.

Why do we play these games with ourselves? As a woman, don’t tell me you never stood  in the mirror and tried to imitate a Bollywood jhatka, or adayein (expressions with the face), or smile like one of the stars you admired. Or wanted your guy to look at you like the hero looks at the heroine, and to that end, you would dress up also!!

Am looking forward to seeing some amazing performances by my aunts and cousins, and of course, shake a leg, when Mark’s family will join us at the Sangeet. I so love our Bollywood connection too!! Also, Mark and me are expected to perform, at least the chorus and verse of a song, and well, he has no clue about it, unless he reads the blog. Ha ha ha.

Until then…

 jaati hoon mein

jaldi hai kya

dhadke jiya

woh kyun bhala

.. if not now, when else will it dhadak, for me!!

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