Day 13: Gown Trial, Packing, and Natu Kodi Pulusu recipe

Finally went for the gown trial to Pamela, who’s an amazing tailor and a sweet person too. The fit was good and it make me look thinner – thanks to mamma, who selected a design and pattern that would do exactly the same. We got to go back again for the final run.

As I mentioned earlier, the packing of the gifts has begun. We’ve taken a flat on rent right on the third floor, and one room is dedicated to collecting all my gifts… or so I thought. Not just gifts, I am expected to pack my other things as well, and send them upstairs. 

When I sent the gifts, I was actually thrilled. Though it was kitchen samaan, you see, the gifts were still brand new. I have no attachment to them now, I am going to discover them only later. So that leaves me with my books, footwear, and clothes. Books was already done, when Toy was supposed to move in. They are stacked up in big carton boxes and kept in my neighbor’s house. My neighbor is a sweet lady, with only one weakness – she likes to see everything and know everything. Anyone who enters the house has to pass through her curious gaze, and when she gets too curious, she can actually walk in and shamelessly find out what all was happening.
Her talking overtakes our walking. When we’re leaving home, she starts talking, and we keep responding till we lock the door. Then we start walking towards the stairs and downwards, and she still keeps talking loud, and peeps down from the balcony, till she can see us no more, but we can still hear her voice. No kidding! 

Anyways, so she’s got a lot of my boxes with books kept at her store room, which we now are gonna shift upstairs.

That leaves me with my clothes. And for some reason, I am unable to get myself to do it. Cos whenever you start packing your clothes – your nightwear, towels, etc., you know you are leaving for sure. When we pack suitcases to go out of station, the most important stuff to pack is clothes. And I’m getting that lump in the throat to even think about doing it.

Already, I am quite upset, when at home because of my dog Jack’s deteriorating condition. Doctors have discovered tumours on his tail, which they say, won’t go away. And he’s getting weaker by the day – I cannot see him in such a condition. I know he’s gonna be gone soon. It hurts like mad and takes a toll on you andhar hee andhar se – eats you up.

So, I’m gonna push packing for later, cos I really don’t have the strength to do it now. I love Mark and its a  love marriage, I know – I am super excited to marry him, and waiting to begin my life with him. But I am leaving my home, and not a day, not a moment passes by without being conscious of that bitter fact.

And more than anything else, I will surely miss Mamma’s cooking. So I’m gonna leave you with a taste of my ghar ka khana.  All my life I was not passionate about cooking, but now, I want to learn as much as I can! 

I caught up with mamma as she made dad’s on demand Natu Kodi Pulusu, which is an Andhra speciality. Mamma however did not add much spice cos of all the delicate tummies and mummies (sister) at home.  This recipe tastes best with country chicken.

  • Marinate Chicken with turmeric, salt and red chilli powder for an hour.
  • Grind onions to paste. For 1 kg chicken, you’ll need 3 big onions.
  • Add to the paste: dhaniya powder, half a teaspoon of  jeera, one tablespoon ginger garlic paste,
    3 red chillies (or more if you’re the spicy kinds), half a teaspoon garam masala.
  • Heat oil in pan, and add the ground paste. Stir fry till the onion smell leaves.
  • Add your marinated chicken now.
  • Add salt
  • If doesn’t cook ad water – this will also make for more gravy
  • Once the chicken is cooked,  add tamarind juice or dilute readymade tamarind paste
Eat with sanghati or hot phulkas. Its best served with rice, though!
Mamma, I will miss the lovely food – I hope I can cook like you. Anything you cook is tasty.
I am not saying this just cos she is my mom. She really is a fantastic cook. And she still whispers a prayer before cooking, which adds a special flavor. I will miss that taste of love, which after 13 days I won’t get every day.

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