Day 14: Bachelorette party around the corner

A month ago, the plan was to have a combined ‘Jack and Jill’ (not my dogs… they are Jack and Ginger), ‘hen and stag’ kinda combined party for Mark and me. Now its funny when we say ‘combined’, we don’t know what to use after that – do we say combined bachelor party or combined bachelor-bachelorette party.  However, I was too kicked about it, cos I just love to have Mark around – its more fun.

But having a combined one has its own complications, like the girls you wanna call – guys might have a problem and vice versa. Well, it got scrapped.

And just last week, Mark had his bachelor party – there was a lot of ragging, and then oodles of fun – as they all spent the night at the same venue. Big advantage being guys. I’ve always been jealous of the freedom guys have just cos they are guys. For girls, you know you’ve got get parents’ permission for a night out, and then arrange beds, post-dinner gossip stimulating refreshments, keep toiletries ready in the bathrooms, towels, or ask them to pack and come, worry about space, blah, blah, blah. Not that girls are not game to do it, but it takes time and effort, and ‘I’m not sure, but I’ll get back’s, and then the organisers need a head count – forget it!

Some girls were a little insecure about Mark’s party, cos they were wondering what their guy friends are gonna do- what’s the suspense all about. I was really bindaas, cos I trust Mark, and guess after shaadi, I can blackmail, whitefemale, him to tell me everything that happened. (though he already told me most of it -but I’m not supposed to tell anyone that) I already tried little blackmailing, and he shot back asking if I would tell him all the details of the party. I said of course, and then he blurted out everything.

Mere kamre mey meri hi khilaaf: Preethima, Prathima and Toy had secret discussions in my room about my bachelorette party. Oooh I am not supposed to know anything but the expenses, huh. They’ve planned games to rag me – of course, that’s a given; and I’m hoping they’re group games too, for female bonding, which I am told is one of the purposes of the party.

Since I have nowhere to speak about this, my blog is my saving grace and hopefully will save my face.

Let me quote from Wikipedia:

Point Number OneDespite its reputation as “a sodden farewell to bachelor days” or “an evening of debauchery,” a bachelorette’s party is simply a party, given in honor of the bride-to-be, in the style that is common to that social circle.

Hello, ladies, do you read that? My honor. And that is not achieved by the plastic tiara you’re gonna crown me with.

Point Number TwoMany different kinds of entertainment are selected, depending on what the organizers think will best please their guest of honor.According to etiquette expert Peggy Post, “Whatever entertainment is planned, it should not embarrass, humiliate, or endanger the honoree or any of the guests.”[2]

Whoever is Peggy Post, despite the funny first name, I’m so grateful to her or him I don’t know. Yeh angreza bhi kya naama rakthe yaron. The key words here are “to please the guest of honor”, which I’m presuming and assuming is definitely me. Boleto, entertainment is planned to please me, not the others. Looks like everything has changed – all the rules messed up. The last bachelorette party I attended was only targeted to rag and rag, while we all laughed and had fun at the expense of the “honor” of the bride-to-be, who became bakra-who-is. Sorry, bakri.

While I don’t mind being ragged, and I usually poke fun at myself, I wonder if anything is planned – just for my entertainment. I want to relax like Chunni Babu in Devdas, and watch some good dancing and singing. I don’t wanna be Yana Gupta on a buffalo. Plus, also I’m not doing Sheela-ki-jawani, or Munni-badnaam-hui,  cos I am Shruthi not Sheela, and Maddela not Munni. Let the curtain rise and let me be entertained. (I’m just saying all this cos I know I will be jacked  anyway, and jeshtt, light hope is there)

Point Number Three:  Formally, a party in honor of the bride-to-be is never hosted by the bride-to-be,[9] although she may participate in its planning.

Ooo lala, I love this. I think I will make posters and paste it all across the room with these words printed on them. You ladies wanna rag me, even I know how to give pachaas (50)! (I can declare that I’m broke, and I can start crying in the middle of the fun – getting all senti about marrying, and my life changing – funtastic)

Point Numer Four: Don’t call it spinsters party. By definition, a spinster is a very older woman who is not married and who does not want to get married, and has “chosen to reject sexual relationships with men (Wiki)” So if any of you want to ever organise a bachelorette party, even ‘party’ will do, but don’t call it a spinsters. I just learnt this recently, and I’m just showing off.

Other Points>>

Point of disinterest: Why do women (whom I don’t know personally) want a male stripper? I like to see guys with clothes on – they look better. Some have a ruggard face, but deela pappu physique. Why spoil the impression the poor face made? Also, I have always hated men-in-underwear ads – eeeooooh.

Point of interest: Well, I’m glad the “organisers” know what I like and what I don’t. And I’m just gonna enjoy myself, and I love bringing together friends from different circles into one room. With girls, its really tough to do that. Imagine, introducing one group-girl to another, one breed to another, one-kind to another kind, and what are the chances they will even exchange numbers. May be if we’re talking about teens, ya, they’re a little easy to mix. But not with those above 25. We girls already have our mind set about whom we just like, and whom we like to hang out with, whom we wanna keep a distance from (sometimes there is no specific reason. Its just a feeling).

But again, if there is a common factor or platform, women bond very well. And here, the strongest, purest, most motivating bonding-reason is making me bakri, which I think is very strong! I’m hoping we’ll be able to have fun together, and I hate if any one is isolated or left out. And lastly, I hope its in my “honor.” 😉

High hopes, I have.

Nothing is gonna work.

I’m gonna get ragged.

And I’m gonna tell Mark about it later.

All said and done, thank you ladies. (Abhi senti mey end kare tho, at least one will have pity on me) I am so looking forward to the party!


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