Day 20: Of smiles, fake and real!


New printer-guy, Taher assured us that he will do a fast job. When we asked about the cost, he said, “Kaiku fikar karre aap. Aap ke liye tho hum sonch kar de denge”

“Kab layenge aap sample?”

“Pinting hothe hi – ek dum stryt aap hi ke ghar ko, madam”

Ya, he says Pinting! He pinted my sister’s cards also – hope he does a good pinting job!

Day’s dumbest

Tried to self-click from the mobile phone. I can never smile properly when I’m clicking ME. I look at myself in the mirror, and smile, and I think I look nice – then I take the phone and my face changes (like Chandler in FRIENDS, but not as worse). Here, I was trying to capture my new hairstyle, which you can see, is a disaster.

Can you believe this ?

To make him smile

Was home most of the day, with little Ryan. Made all funny faces, and he actually made sounds back. Believe it or not – but I’m getting good at getting him to respond. What joy we feel when we can make a little baby smile. I wonder what he thinks – we are like Gulliver Travels giants for him, and we put our face right up  on him, and he keeps staring at our eyes and mouth, with so much wonder. And I become more wonder-full for him when I become a clown.

Clown or whatever – we’ll do anything to make our children smile. They are so cute, their response gets us more excited. There is an uproar in the house when Ryan so-called-speaks-back to us. Everyone gather around the crib, and we re-play whatever we did to make him smile, and talk-back. His response makes us want to give him more and more.

I’m sure my parents did the same for me when I was a baby. Even as I grew up, they still tried to do everything they could, to put a smile on my face. They sacrificed many a Christmas and Anniversary new-clothes and gifts just to fund our studies in the best schools and colleges possible.

No matter how much I  give back, it seems less compared to what they gave me.

When I was in school, I hated if my socks folded within the shoe. And dad would take it out countless times, just to get it right for me, so I can wear the socks without folds! What a fuss pot I was. But he had a single-point agenda – to make me smile.

I would ask mom to scratch me on my back and even dad, and they would do so. Hated the itchy feeling, and I was allergic to all kinds of things. The moment they saw rash on me, mom would run and apply Caladryl. They fanned me when the power went off, so I won’t feel that burning sensation.

Sometimes, I wonder, though I did not respond as much they expected, they never stopped giving. Till today, mamma loves to cook what Toy and me love. 

Dad runs out late nights to get me tablets, when I forget to do so.  Forget tablets, even if we feel like eating ice-cream, though he is much older, he gets it willingly. We all eat and enjoy Mango Duet and Malai Kulfi.

When I see my sister Toy with her child, I get a glimpse of how sacrificial parenting is. No matter how tired or sick or grumpy she is, if the baby cries out of hunger, she jumps up. Nothing can stop her from pacifying her child.

“Can a woman forget her nursing child
And have no compassion on the son of her womb?
Even these may forget, but I will not forget you.
Behold, I have inscribed you on the palms of My hands.” (Isaiah 49:15,16)

The love of  parents is but a glimpse of the heavenly father’s unfailing love for his children… So we can say, “Baby, you know how pappa disciplines you just for a while, and then takes you in his arms. In the same way, God also disciplines the one he loves.”

“You see how compassionate mamma is. Look at how sacrificial she is. God is just like that.”

Our understanding and experience of our parents is indirectly related to our understanding of God. If you  had a strict father, who would always punish and never hug you – it would be very hard for you to believe that God is loving and compassionate.

I’m very scared, in a healthy way, to be a parent. Because I know, I’m reflecting my Father’s nature. But I also know, the same Father who called me to do it, some day, will give me everything I need.

The Bible says that God made man and woman in His image. Which means – I get a comprehensive understanding of the nature and character of God when I combine man and wife, father and mother.

No doubt parents were given so much importance in the good book. The first commandment with a promise is this:

“Honor your father and mother so that it may go well with you and that you may enjoy long life on the earth.”  (Eph 6:1-3)


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  1. Amazing……… are really a JOY to your parents. Blessed are they to have a wonderful daughter like you. It really feels nice to look in to the mirror and smile. That what your blogs do…. to me. I love reading them n just rewind back into times 🙂

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