Day 23: Malls, moments, and life lessons


I hate malls. I keep telling myself – if I ever see another mall coming up in a high-traffic area, I’m gonna throw stones on the glass exteriors. But I’m left with no option but to go there, to park, to go to the L-floor, and then take escalators, and check out each floor; wonder why I didn’t bring a jacket of some sort – whats with the AC?; then go back to L, and back to P1, P2 or P3. For the life of me, I can never remember which one. Then stop again at security, make a mess out of my bag to find 10 rupee notes, pay and again wait in a line to get out of the parking, and then out of the gate. Uff! One thing I do love though – the restrooms (lol).

Trial Rooms!

‘Please, refrain from showing off your marriage excitement’ – I told myself. Cos once they know you’re getting married, that’s it! They want to sell you the entire wardrobe. They assume you are loaded, and you are here to do a lavish spend. They want you to try everything in the house! At one store,  I did not even have place to hang the clothes, and she kept banging the door “Madam, please try this also,” and gave me 5 pieces at once.

At the Parlors

A so called skin-consultant offered me a chair, and asked me to sit down, so she can overdo the customer care. “You will need to come for 3 facials, and 2 body polishing sessions. The first one we do with O3 products and the second one with Mary Kay.”

Me: “I don’t need body polishing. So don’t you have Mary Kay products for the facials?”

Consultant: “Yes the products are medicated madam. And are very effective.”

She thought I said medicated, and even agreed to the products being medicated, when I meant Mary Kay. Do I pronounce words incorrectly or  was she overwhelmed by what she can offer me?

Best moment at home

My greatest moment of joy was when I got my sister’s baby Ryan, to smile.
I kiss him when I wake up and before I sleep – almost as a tradition.
I will miss looking at him when he’s asleep, and kissing him!

Jack is sick!

What a long day! My dog Jack was sick and we had to rush him to the hospital and put him on drip, and I was there with my dad for 8 hours. Jack is really old, and I kept hoping he won’t slip away. Thankfully, he is better now. I’m gonna miss him.

More than him, I’ll miss my dearest dad. He was so patient throughout the grueling hours at the hospital, and he enjoyed being with me for so long. He got me water, cadbury, moong dal and salted peanuts. He hesitantly ate Mc Chicken, and did not notice the Coke with it. He sympathised with all the dog owners there, and made some friends, whom I was hoping he won’t invite for the wedding.

He loves to give me life lessons and I love to hear them.

“Trust friends nana – they are any day better than relatives.”

“At my age, I have so much patience. Neeku em ayindi?”

“Please start saving money as you begin your marriage.”

“We must forget people’s mistakes. Are you listening? By forgiveness, you can win them over. I hate fighting and holding grudges”

“Why don’t Christians follow any of Christ’s teachings? He washed his disciples feet. I can’t believe that. How humble he was.. but many of our leaders are so proud, and arrogant.”

“Nana you must learn to cook like mamma, then your husband will want to come home every day to eat. I used to come home for lunch from the bank, every day, cos your mamma cooked amazing food.”

And the best one is this:

“Papaya is the best fruit nanna. Every day you must eat it – it helps in digestion. I recently read an article on how it is a wonder fruit.” (I don’t know he comes across papaya articles so often).

… Mom told me he had tears in his eyes the other day, thinking of me going away!

I’m teary eyed right now… Good night!

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