Day 25: Isspecial moments

Attended a wedding today, and could not believe that next month, same time, I’ll be 5-days married. Most of the people I met kept talking about the countdown, and seems like the world (that I know) is counting days with me, and I must admit, it’s a wonderful feeling.

I had to answer this one question, though, to blog-readers, and to non-blog-readers, repeatedly – “So, Joy … all set?”

And I’m like “Ya, things are still happening (to one, I actually said – things are still setting).”

and then the normal questions …

“What’s the theme for your wedding?” (Oh why, are you gonna show up in the same color?)

“Is your gown done? Trial hogaya?” (Nahi, kharab ho gaya. Aap ke shadi ka hai na, zara spare ke liye side me lagathe?)

“How many bridesmaid?” (I really donno what to say for this)

“Who is doing the catering?” (Arey apna, uno hai na.. un eech. And please be ready, just in case I need a hand for serving)

“Buffet or seating?” (Why?If its buffet, are you getting your own chair?)

I wondered what would happen if I went about with a list of to-do’s, and asked everyone who asked me if they would want to help in any of  the things they asked about? I know many are genuinely concerned about me, and many are concerned about making a decent ‘relevant’ conversation.

As much as I laugh about all these, I’m sure, if I meet a bride-to-be, I’ll be asking the same questions. Society is fun! Nothing like getting your family and friends and those-who-think-they-are-friends to celebrate with you.


Enter Chand Paasha. Yes, that’s his real name. This is the famous Chand Paasha, who is called to Dubai, Sri Lanka, and out of estation, for ‘cooking’. Avar very own, family cook, who’s been with us through all our shaadis – it seems!

We were going through the list of food items with him, and I enjoyed his Hyderabadi way of  evaluating them:

Chicken Lolipop – for starters at the table? “Yeh ek dam isspeed item hai, palte tak, udjatha.”

Soup with mutton and roti ? “Nahi, eno (as if a person) bahut hallu chalta. Apne ko suit nahi hotha”

The red chicken fry – “Solid item hai. Pucca super hit, har shaadi mein”

My Super Hit moments

My super hit moments came at night. Mark was waiting for me to come early in the evening for our friend’s wedding, so we could steal some time together. Had lot of work at home, so I went quite late. When he saw me, he was soooo happy. He’s like “I was waiting to see you the whole day. Its so boring without you.” Moment One.

I mean, think about it, we met almost every day, through this year, and still we feel like meeting each other. Though you know the feeling, when your fiance says it, you feel so iss-special.

I easily get caught up talking to people, and I met Baba, a good friend, whom I and Mark admire very much – and I kept talking and talking. Mark was looking at me through the gap between the heads of people, and later I asked him what happened. He said “Nothing, you were looking so beautiful.” Moment Two. 

And then I gave that smile, which kinda looks howla, the one that comes naturally when you don’t know how to take in a compliment!

And before dropping me off at home, he said it again. Moment Two Square.

I bet, he has no clue what happened behind the scenes:

I took out two sarees first, tried on 3 different old blouses. Tried to alter one, didn’t work. Finished washing my hair. Sat in front of the clothes shelf as if it were a TV – for a long time – imagining which dress would look better. Ran to my sister, and flashed the green dress, she said ‘ok’ and that was it. Thank God for sisters!

Then the hair styling and make-up – though I can never get him to notice the mascara and the eye-liner. Well, whatever it is, he was delighted and I was happy. What a perfect ending to a tiring day!


  1. The “howla” kinda smile!! Made me laugh out loud in the office!
    Can’t thank you enough akka for making my jobless hours soo much fun!

    • Thanks for bringing up an old post, I had fun reading it again and reminiscing those special moments! Ha ha 🙂 Keep reading and don’t forget to comment please!!

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