Day 30: “… tomorrow”

1. Went shopping for reception dress

Every salesman tries to show you all the ghagras he’s got, and sometimes, you just know that this ain’t the shop.
But you have this innate urge to please people and not hurt them. So you just can’t leave right! You go :

“Hmm, we’ll come tomorrow”

“Are you gonna get more of that pattern (chumma, did not even like it much) next week? We’ll come again”

Look at each other and ask “Oh but Joy, you don’t want so much work, and too many layers, right?”

Joy: “Yes, yes. I mean, no, I don’t want layers” (and that’s the clue to get up and run)

Family: “Ok, thank you bhaiyya. Itne layers nahi hona. Beti moti dikhengi

And while running off, stop at every good-looking but I-wont-buy-that-now saree and walk away.
And the men of the family wonder, while driving – “Itne dressaa dekhe na, kuch bhi pasand nahi aaya?”

2.  FaithFULLest friend – hates to leave you

So, I didn’t exercise, and I didn’t eat healthy for 2 years, and I got a belly, and now you (salesman) show me
something that slims me down. Poor fellow.
I’ve tried, but not too hard, to reduce my ab fat, but it loves me too much, and is the most faith-FULLest-friend
of all times.
Only option, now, for lack of time – keep it, and give it company. Enter Corset – faithFULL’s enemy actually.
Mission Corset. (guys, don’t bother finding out about this. You’re better off not knowing our slim-looking secrets)

BTW, my age also makes it hard for faith-FULL to leave. (Common yaar, can’t take all the blame for this)

3. Lump in the throat

Looks like all these days, anything parents-related is gonna make me cry. Went to Spencer’s with mom for groceries
and she kept telling to take whatever I want. Even cosmetics, though costly – she kept insisting. And I kept doing the
typical, Indian-price-conscious-thing ‘Is this one better than that? Does the brand make it so expensive? Itna chota
bottle aur 
Rs 349, kya hai?’

Mamma said ‘Joy, just take what you want. Don’t see the cost. Just a month more, and then we can’t even buy
anything you want, like this. You’ll have to do it yourself, and you’ll have to ask your husband.”
I acted as if I was searching for some other brand, and walked up to the next section, and wiped off my tears.

At home

“Joy, next month, this time, you’ll be at the church. May be message time.”
Again, run! This time, to the bathroom. Wipe the tears and come out, like nothing happened.

4. Tomorrow

Gonna sleep now. Recalling what kept me going through the day, and what will keep me going throughout my life.
Today morning, that little (big) fear popped up – about tomorrow, how its gonna be, will that romantic fizz run out
after marriage (typical girl fear), how am I gonna manage, new season, new role, new expectations, home-sickness,
past failures… Oh, tomorrow!

And this one quote from the message in the church, calmed all my fears.

“God is down in front. He is in the tomorrows. It is tomorrow that fills men with dread. God is there already.
All the tomorrows of our life have to pass Him before they can get to us.” F.B. Meyer


  1. 🙂 Super nice.. the best thing is: the Lord has promised “GOOD” to all who call upon Him.. He speaks peace.. and blessing.. 🙂

  2. Wow girl it felt like I was walking with you into that store talking to the salesman bhaiyya about the number of layers in a dress and then to Spencer’s and finally wiped my tears alongside you at your home….You are a fantastic writer!! Kudos!!

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