Day 31: With love, to my single friends …

It was one of those days, when I just, almost naturally, started to reflect back over the years – the many guys, many told me to consider,
and as a single, you have that legal freedom even from your parents. Any guy friend who comes home, gets fully scrutinized, and you’re asked, just when the guy’s left at the door, “What do think of him?”

I thought of the many weddings I attended, as a single. And how everyone kept saying, for lack of conversation:

“Next in line – aap ki bari”

“Waiting to eat at your wedding next,”

“When will we get to see you in a gown (really? that interested? Would you sponsor it?)?”

By now, I knew how to answer, how to ignore, and how to respond politely, with lil’ humour.

However, few nights remain vividly in my memory… when I was really troubled.

Nights, when  I was drove back alone from weddings, of guy friends, who were either considered a perfect match for me by others, or

at some point, even considered by me. Considered, checked out (from all sources), and prayed about too.

I could not help but wonder, as I drove my Maruthi back, fully dressed, and fully alone :

“Should I have waited for him?”

“May be I could have given it a shot. Now he’s married before me:(”

“Did I just miss out on a good guy? But we were just not happening.”


… Last evening, my fiance and me were returning from an early dinner. He  said goodnight, waited till I

put on my seat belt, I looked at him and smiled, he held my hand, and I left for home.

This time, I drove peacefully. I am so glad and thankful – that all those ‘wedded-before-me’ guys actually got ring-ed

and I did not end up with any of them. I have found the one I love and I want to love for the rest of my life.

I would not trade him for anybody in the world – anyone in the past or anyone at all.


… Hope deferred makes a heart sick. Take hope, my single friends, when the guy/girl you were

so seriously thinking about once upon a time, just got ‘advance-booked.’

Take courage, when you drive back alone in your AC car, for that night will come when you won’t regret anything.

Let go of those who want to go, and don’t hold on to anyone who’s not sure of you, yet.

The time will come, surely, when you will say .. “My heart has found the one I love!”



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