32nd day

Sitting at the dining table, doing my work.  Toy is beside me – she’s also doing some writing, while her newborn 2-month old Ryan  is sleeping tight, all swaddled up. I love to kiss him when he’s asleep.

Mom’s on the sofa doing accounts. Dad is uncomfortable on a red swing back chair. The TV is on, and we all don’t know what to watch. So the best bet is the news, and right now Entertainment Quarter on Headlines Today is happening.

Occasionally, mom switches to Big Boss, and all of us crib about the fights, the noise all the residents are making, the nasty comments, and dad always asks the same question: What’s the point of this show?

Dad keeps reading out loud the scrolling news, and dad and mom discuss at length, and voice out their opinions. I get to learn some GK right here. And of course, the nightly comments follow…

‘Pass me water,’

‘Will you soak almonds before sleeping?’

‘Who’s cleaning the table?’

‘Please switch of the light in this room’

‘Why do we have so many lights on?’

‘Vidya Balan is talking nasty things..chee chee’

‘OMG, Vidya Balan is doing some Oo-lala steps – horrible’

I am so gonna miss all this. Their comments. Everything.

Suddenly, every small moment has become so precious.


  1. Loved it..as though i was with you living this moment..and yeah I laughed reading this and for some odd reason towards the end my eyes just swelled up. Life! Blessings to you. HUGS.

  2. Oh my gosh ! That is so cute and i totally relate to it 🙂 Take in all these moments ……I did not know your sis Toy is married and has a kid too !!! 🙂 Congratulations to her ! 🙂

  3. awwwwwwwwwww sooooo sweet………i can imagine!!! gal……you can go places and visit the end of the world….BUT you’ll find that “There’s no place like home…”……Ohhhh my my my…Joy make the most of now……Your my model….love to al…Esp you….

  4. this is so spot on ! As the wedding approaches, you realize these small daily happenings which you took for granted and got so used to are the ones you will miss the most. Like you said, every moment becomes so much more precious ! So soak it all in Joy !

  5. you’ve painted a comfortable, secure cocoon with your narrative 🙂 beautiful! The comfortable cocoon has to give way, but there is a beautiful sky out there to spread your wings and fly!

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